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      Launched in Paris, France, on the year 1961; Saint Laurent’s founder Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent created the brand to give wealthy customers a hint of the Parisian high society lifestyle. Since their launch Saint Laurent has done just that, giving customers a pristine feeling when holding such a bag with the YSL heritage logo on it.


      Saint Laurent is one of the world’s largest brands only matched by the likes of Gucci and Louis Vuitton, with over 70 years in the industry; this French fashion brand is globally acclaimed for its selection of stunning bags, from ranges like LouKate and Envelope. Saint Laurent bags, also known as Yves Saint Laurent, is an instantly the recognizable brand thus considering the quality and design it’s no wonder why they are so in demand.




      Saint Laurent over the years has evolved into an extraordinary brand often thinking out-the-box when producing products like their Kate range which is associated with a long gold metal chain connected to a priceless leather bag with the emblem sitting front and centre.


      The brand is also known for their Quilted/Matelassé design which consists of the leather being stitched into various patterns such as Lines and squares which add a simple yet beautiful final touch to the bag, these designs are often noticeable in the Lou collection of Saint Laurent; a great example of this is the Lou Quilted Camera Bag. Saint Laurent produces many types of bags; varying in sizes from small Belt Bags to larger Shoulder bags that fit all your needs.




      Like many large brands, Saint Laurent handbags only use 100% original materials such as Canvas and Leather sourced from France to create their almost perfect handmade bags. The brand’s products often sport beautiful leather that is not only durable, with the bags lasting decades, but also exquisite in design.


      Saint Laurent is a Parisian bag company that has never stopped innovating with new bags coming out year after year evolving into products that make consumers go crazy to get their hands on. 


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