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About us


Founded in 2019 by Fawaaz Abbas and Jaffar Al-Beiti, Linvelles London was thought up because of something the two noticed about how the industry was treating customers, with three distinct things missing: Affordability, good customer service and a connection with the rest of Europe. Thus with an eye for fashion and an urge to change how customers purchase products from their favourite fashion brands, they set out to be different...


Starting with affordability, having partnered up with leading soft-credit payment systems to provide a Buy Now Pay Later scheme on luxury goods; they believed that everyone should have the ability to get luxury without paying premium prices upfront. Today Linvelles is partnered up with Klarna, Laybuy, Clearpay, Paypal Credit and Split It!


Next was customer service. Hell-bent on making sure Linvelles was fulfilling the customers' needs whenever and wherever they were an engaging live chat service was implemented as well as quick email replies to make sure the customers time spent on is nothing but satisfying with a smooth journey for them.


The founders wanted to connect the UK market to the luxury goods market in Europe, so they began contacting designer boutiques. The first focus was on Italy, which we quickly realised was the home to luxury fashion. Linvelles began partnering with boutiques across Italy in early 2020, providing over 5000 products to introduce to the UK fashion market. Since then, Linvelles has continued on that path, partnering up with more and more boutiques in France, Italy, Poland and Spain every week, essentially giving the UK market more of a variety.


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So Why Linvelles?


At Linvelles, we want to change the status quo that luxury is only affordable to the wealthy. We want everyone to be able to buy luxury goods.


  • We want anyone to look their best without paying premium prices upfront.
  • We want you to feel unique without spending a ton of money at once.


That's why we are different.