We hope you love your purchase but if you’ve changed your mind, no problem – you have 14 days to return your items after fulfilment and all returns are hassle-free. If the item is new and unused, with all the labels and tags intact, and in its original packaging, you’ll get a full, no quibble refund. If you order before the 22nd of December you have until the 5th of January to exchange the item.

If you feel like you made the wrong choice in colour or size you can appeal for an exchange. Just mention that you would like an exchange in the notes section and our customer service team will contact you with full support regarding your exchange. Please note that once return details are given, you have 14 days to return the goods.

Simply submit the form below to apply for a return or refund of your item:

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Further Information

We offer 3 options for returns:

  • Get a Gift Card worth 105% of the item you would like to return
  • Receive a full refund
  • Exchange the item for another one

Linvelles London can only accept returns within 14 days of purchase and all returns are at the cost of the customer. After the 30 day time period, you can still apply for a return or refund and if the reason is valid we will be able to consider it for you. Customers are fully responsible for the transit of their items to our partners unless given a return slip.

At Linvelles we pride ourselves in giving our customers the best service they can remember for the time to come, therefore we promise we will review all applications with an understanding perspective to help anyone who may have a problem with the product/s they have received.