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The Change that Made the Brand - YSL

Bags created by Yves Saint Laurent are made of 100% authentic material, whether it be leather or canvas and when holding one of these bags, you feel pristine as if you are apart of high society.


Saint Laurent is a brand launched in France by a man named Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent and his patron Pierre Bergé who created the company intending to make trendsetting outfits that Saint Laurent could sell as ready to wear products. This was an instant success in France as Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent was already a known figure in the industry for his previous work with Christian Dior. Together under Dior made brilliant fashion pieces. With the rising of Saint Laurent, the company had established itself as a brand not to be overlooked but did you know prices weren't always so high?



Pre-Hedi Saint Laurent


In fact, Saint Laurent used to be a company creating reasonably priced fashion bags, clothes and accessories that were on par with companies like Valentino but in the early 2010s, under Hedi Slimane as creative director; Saint Laurent had switched paths; with an instant focus on being a company that was centre stage, prices jumped almost instantly with bags being hundreds of pounds more expensive than the prices just a year or two earlier. To pair with this, Hedi was determined to make sure customers would be getting the most out of their money and not just paying premium pricing. Thus, YSL began making items with higher quality above any other brand in the industry paired with designs that nobody in the industry was creating.


Hedi instantly re-vamped the collections Saint Laurent was currently making, such as Saint Laurent Envelope, Lou and Kate, to name a few, which were doing really well at the time. To do this, the bags had to be more hip and stylish, starting with the way the brand was presented; gone were the small logos with the brand name hidden and introduced were the large YSL logos placed everywhere they could be put on. 


Another change was the product materials, although a large investment. Hedi made the company switch from just any kind of leather to 100% leather taken from French cattle, allowing the quality to be substantially higher easier to manage.


These changes to the company in the company instantly excelled the already luxury brand into the world spotlight as the new kid on the block to the ultra-luxury fashion world where you can charge extraordinarily high prices, and the bag still feels weirdly worth it!


Top Picks at Linvelles


Saint Laurent makes many different bag collections; our personal favourite is the Saint Laurent Envelope handbag collection. It combines Saint Laurent's intensely inspiration heritage with the brand's forward-thinking nature towards how designer items should look. The bags in the collection are typically larger bags that sport the traditional YSL log upfront with incredible stitching that can make even the least fashionable person be like, "wow, that nice"


Is Saint Laurent a Luxury Brand?


Saint Laurent has flourished into a brand the world recognises as a luxury, and there's no mistaking that it deserves to be there. Although the company has seen rebranding and prices have been significantly raised, the brand is still one of the plushest, high quality and extravagant brands that compete with Gucci and Burberry's likes in the worlds fashion show!

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