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Gucci vs Burberry vs Saint Laurent

Gucci vs Burberry vs Saint Laurent

Gucci, Burberry and Saint Laurent; the three superpowers of the luxury fashion industry. They overpower Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton's likes with their fame, quality, and stance as luxury fashion houses. Gucci is well known for its maximalist aesthetic and must-have pieces, Burberry is known for its heritage prints and signature plaids along with their symbolic trench coats. Yves Saint Laurent is well known for its leather clothing goods and ripples in the cosmetics industry with their fragrances and makeup. They are all the iconic brands in the industry, but which is the best luxury goods company?

History of Gucci

Gucci History; Launched in Florence, Italy, on the year 1921; Guccio Gucci set out to create the worlds most striking brand. In the beginning, Gucci's primary business was to produce horseback riders' saddles and other accessories, often made from the finest Italian leathers. As he further developed into the world of accessories, his designs began to gain prominence, with English aristocrats becoming big fans of the up-and-coming brand. Today, Gucci is considered one of the best fashion brands in the luxury fashion industry. 


History of Burberry

Burberry History; Burberry was born in London, England in 1856. It's founder Thomas Burberry, an apprentice at the time, opened Burberry's first store in Hampshire England. In the start, the British luxury fashion house focused on the development of outdoor attire. Burberry signed deals with worldwide manufacturers during the late 1970s and early 1980s to create compatible items for the new British line, such as coats, skirts, tops, sportswear, shoes, for men, women, and children. Today, Burberry is considered one of the best British luxury fashion houses and top luxury group in the UK.



History of Saint Laurent

Founded in 1961, the prominent French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent started as a house of haute couture. The luxury brand then changed its ways to focus on producing high-end fashion goods on a large scale. The founder Yves Saint Laurent managed to secure himself a reputation as one of the most leading fashion designers of the 20th century. Saint Laurent is now one of the most fashionable and beloved french brands in the world. It really is the definition of french luxury. Fairly modern compared to its competitors, the luxury brand continues to grow at a fast pace.


Which brand uses the best materials for bags?

Gucci, Burberry and Saint Laurent all use quality materials for their handbags and leather goods, but a few of them stand out to the rest. Gucci and Saint Laurent both use soft Matelassé leather for a few of their bag collections such as the iconic GG Marmont bag and the Saint Laurent Lou Lou bag. Soft Matelassé leather is a quilted stitched leather technique, pattern and material that is regarded to give the bag a more 'dressy look.'

Burberry however, mostly use vinyl-coated canvas for their bags and purses. The coated canvas is known as a lightweight and durable material, perfect for everyday bags and purses. Burberry also uses soft Matelassé leather for their Lola bags, which add a modern and stylish feel on a night out. These luxury fashion houses use the best quality materials for their bags; they are durable, stylish and long-lasting.

Popular Picks at Linvelles

Some bags are bought more than others. As for Gucci, the most popular bag has to be the GG Supreme Super Mini crossbody bag, this petite piece of fashion wear holds its place at the top with its stylish, traditional and trendy looks. The GG Marmont bag also holds a high position in the popular picks. Its prominent GG logo hardware makes this beloved bag stand out against its competitors like the Burberry Lola bag and the Saint Laurent Envelope bag. They all use Soft Matelasse leather which almost makes them from the same family but different fashion houses.

Burberry bags are popular are Linvelles, but are more popular than others. The quilted Lola Bag is the perfect pick for a trendy shoulder bag; it may just be the most fashionable shoulder bag available right now. 'Perfect for a night out' said by our customers, it can hold your daily essentials and be a part of your everyday outfit. The Burberry Pocket bag is seen as a traditional shoulder bag from Burberry; it can be held as a clutch, worn cross-body, or shoulder bag. This three in one combo may be a reason why the bag is so popular.

Our customers favourite Saint Laurent bags, the feedback is that they are modern, trendy, stylish and quality. That description alone should be an incentive to go and buy one right now! The Saint Laurent Envelope bag is the most popular because of its quilted design and feel; it also holds a bold YSL logo at the bag's front if the bag's feel isn't enough. The Saint Laurent Lou Lou bag comes in second with its soft Matellase leather and cushion look. The feedback we got from the Lou Lou bag is that it feels and looks like 'Pure Luxury'.

Price Range 

These designer handbags may be expensive, but they do hold their value. Gucci handbags at Linvelles are usually between £600 - £2000; it is a large price gap, so we are sure you will find something for you. Don't forget you can also Buy Now, Pay Later on most of our Gucci bags.

Burberry handbags at Linvelles have a price range of £300 - £2000; with Burberry handbags, you pay for style, quality and tradition. Buy Now, Pay Later is also available for most of our Burberry handbags. Our Saint Laurent handbags are between £400 - £2000; they come will a trendy look and a quality feel. Our Saint Laurent bags are also available to Buy Now, Pay Later.

So, which is better?

Overall considering History, Materials, Picks and price range, the choice between the three is totally up to you. Each of these luxury fashion houses is the winner in at least one of these sections. Burberry has the best price range, Gucci's handbags hold the best value due to its history as a luxury fashion house, and Saint Laurent takes the lead for quality. The decision is up to you; it's up to what style you rock, what design catches your eye and of course your precious price range.

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