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The rise of Balenciaga's iconic Footwear



Balenciaga is a Spanish brand established in Spain by Cristóbal Balenciaga in 1917. After the first boutique in San Sebastian Spain, they opened additional branches in Madrid and Barcelona. When the Spanish civil war happened, it relocated to France and opened a boutique store in Paris in 1937. Balenciaga revolutionized women’s fashion during the 1950s where he used sleek and linear lines in his designs. He was popular for his Ballroom hems in the early 50s and introduced the Sack dress in 1957. His early designs were sought- after, and Carmel Snow, the editor of Harper’s Bazaar is one of his biggest fans.


In the 1960s, Balenciaga developed trademark styles such as the Bracelet sleeves, and the collar deviating from the collarbone. He created shapes that have never been seen before in his mid-20th century designs.


In 2001, the French multinational company Kering acquired Balenciaga.  Kering also owns Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Gucci. Demna Gvasalia, the current creative director, and designer worked closely with the Balenciaga fashion house to ensure artistry in cut and shape following the original designs of Cristóbal Balenciaga. Balenciaga is one of the fastest-growing brands in 2018.


Nowadays, Balenciaga is very popular because of its shoe collection. When new forms of footwear are introduced in the market, Balenciaga shoes did not fail to impress everyone with their Balenciaga sneakers. The Speed Sock has attracted many fashionistas and influencers. It has evolved into different versions but, the original concept of slip-on design remains.



The Balenciaga speed sneakers have a sock-like construction with an oversized sole to look sporty and forward-looking. The Balenciaga trainers’ performance athletic footwear has a unique design compared to the usual sports footwear we see every day.


According to designer Gvasalia, the Balenciaga speed trainers are influenced by sportswear aesthetics. Gvasalia wanted the women’s Balenciaga and men’s Balenciaga to be modern. He also wanted to showcase comfort and functionality. His design approach of deconstructing and constructing again is evident by the aesthetically pleasing designs of the brand.


Many notable clients in the past such as Pauline de Rothschild, Hope Portocarrero, Gloria Guinness, Mona von Bismarck, etc. patronized the brand. They considered his work as haute couture in the early 50s. Balenciaga designed the wedding gown of Queen Fabiola of Belgium, and Jackie Kennedy is a well-known client of the brand. It because of this fame that made Balenciaga one of the expensive luxury brands in the fashion world.



The sporty Balenciaga shoe material is usually Polyamide, rubber, and Elastane. The sneakers have rubber soles, and the designs look sporty yet luxurious. Some Balenciaga luxury shoes are leather, calfskin, and lambskin. Each Balenciaga shoe is not only designed to look good but also to feel comfortable.





The price of Balenciaga products depends on what you are looking for. Balenciaga is a luxury brand with a ready-to-wear collection ranging from trademark socks to painted biker jackets. The usual price tag of the brand starts at $90 for the socks. It then goes up to thousands of dollars depending on the item and material used. For the more expensive Balenciaga items, the cost is relatively high. It is because of the materials used and the art behind them. It is not just the brand you are paying. You also pay for the unique and artistic designs that you will not see in other brands. You also pay higher for the leather goods and other expensive materials used in their collection.


A lot of celebrities and famous individuals in the past, up to the present wear Balenciaga. This is another factor why the brand is expensive. The brands are always seen in luxury events and promoted by famous people. Balenciaga shoes are not the only ones popular but, the bags and clothing line are also equally popular.




This Balenciaga triple s is available in 3 colours with white double foam and mesh. It has a complex 3-layer outsole with TPU injected inside the sole to create an air bubble to provide comfort. The Balenciaga logo is embroidered on the side. An embossed logo can also be seen on the back. These Balenciaga trainers’ women's or men’s shoes are 60% polyester, 25% calfskin, and 15% lambskin.




This design celebrates the fusion of luxury and sporty fashion. It is breathable and comfortable because it uses knot fabric in a sock style. These Balenciaga trainers’ men's shoes have a two-tone colour. The material is polyester, and rubber with a round toe and sock-style ankle. A Balenciaga logo is embroidered at the side of the shoes.




The Speed 2.0 shoes are available in black or white. The sock design is made of cotton, and the sole is rubber. It has a round toe with the Balenciaga logo printed on the side. The shoe has a segmented rubber sole making it fashion-forward.



These Balenciaga sneakers are worth the splurge. It is made out of 80% polyester and 20% elastane/rubber. It is only available in black. It has a pull-on style with a printed logo on the side. These Balenciaga shoes are designed to look luxurious while sporty. These sneakers capture the attention of many fashion icons and influencers.


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