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      Clutches or Clutch bags are an elegant way to show off your style; these relatively small rectangular bags are made for the simple aim of adding to your style, whether you're wearing a Dionysus bag by Gucci or one of Mario Valentino's creation, these bags can boost your confidence in an instant. 

      Clutch bags for women were an innovation of the 1920s and popularised in the 30s, known initially as envelope bags for the mechanics of how they opened. These bags instantly took the fashion industry by storm because of the simple yet elegant look they had, soon after the likes of Gucci and Burberry started creating exquisite versions of their own, a modern-day version of those 30s clutch bags is the bags within the Envelope Collection by Yves Saint Laurent.



      Often following the same basic shape of a geometric rectangle outline, the bags vary from on bag design, from stitched patterns to large logos, the selection is endless. Mario Valentino clutch bags usually sport the Valentino Logo front and centre with either their signature "V" or the name "VALENTINO" written across the bag. 

      Other brands like Prada, Saint Laurent and Alexander Mcqueen have simple stitched designs going across their beautiful leather bags, a great example of this is the Prada Diagramme Leather Clutch or the Small Envelope Crossbody bag by Saint Laurent



      At Linvelles we like to ensure our customers are getting the best possible prices; therefore, we combine our Buy now, pay later and buy now pay in instalment schemes with the best pricing to make sure customers are always getting the best possible service! Pricing is on average £700 on the store but doesn't worry; when split into 3/4 instalments, that figure goes down to as little as £175.

      Clutch bags are a creation that has undoubtedly left a last effect on the fashion industry, and theirs no wonder why the bags are so loved by many.

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