Cross Body Bags

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      Designer Crossbody Bags
      Crossbody bags are an attractive option for fashion shoppers who want to look elegant while holding the essentials. Ranging from brands like Gucci to Prada we are sure there's a bag for you!

      An innovation of the 17th century; these bags were created to allow young women to make creative designs in their bags and embroider them to impeccable quality. For centuries these bags have evolved into fashion style pieces that everyone loves.


      From brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent, the designs of these crossbody bags usually have similarities, stitching into patterns with an intense background colour and gold accent for the logo, crossbody bags for women have a sweet yet straightforward mix of style and a minimalistic look.


      Designer crossbody bags for women often come in the same size band of around 10 inches by 7 inches which is excellent for compact storage while looking fashionable. A fantastic example of this size element is the Lou Camera Leather Crossbody Bag by Saint Laurent in their Lou collection which is filled to the brim of beautiful Crossbody bags.

      Cross body bags are perfect for women who are on the go and are a serious candidate for stylish women who want to buy a new bag!

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