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      A brand from the man that regrew Gucci, designing talent and a suave nature of products unlike any other; of course we talking about the one and only Tom Ford. This fashion and fragrance house has had one of the most meteoric rises in the entire industry with the company only launching in the early 2000s, but even as a relative newcomer to the fashion world; they've been at full steam ahead when smashing records and barriers when entering new markets and adding a refreshing touch of luxury to whatever the company endeavours in.

      In this range, we have brought together the best variety of this immense brand together for you to fall in love with from perfumes like Tom Ford Black Orchid eau de parfum made from a blend of rare oud as well as other rare precious and expensive ingredients to Tom Ford suits which happen to be the same suits celebrities wear on the red carpet of the Golden Globe award ceremonies. So if you are after more than touch a hint of luxury; in fact, if you are after looking and feeling confident while suave and sensual then we've got you covered!

      With a simplistic yet elegant nature to the products made by this fashion house, Tom Ford Beauty is a trendsetter in the world of fashion and has, since its launch, stood out to be a titan in the industry with prestige and fame backing it. With the fashion god Tom Ford himself at the helm of the company, you can rest assured that you are getting quality and prestige in whatever you buy from this glorious fashion designer.

      Today Tom Ford for Men is known widely for its expensive perfumes and suits that are not only comfortable to wear but are quite often the first choice for businessmen and celebrities across the world, but the initial founding of the company started a little different...

      History of Tom Ford

      To start with we'll cover the rich history of Tom Ford the man. Tom Ford started his career at a rapidly declining Gucci working as a designer for the brand in 1990 but there was a spark in the young designer who wanted to turn the ship around, with decades of history and prestige in the luxury world he could not bare to see Gucci fail so vigorously so he worked his way up till 1994 when the company was on its last straw and he managed to turn the companies prospects around to the company we now know today and began to be known in the fashion world as the man that could do anything; as he quite literally turned Gucci from a failing brand into the worlds largest fashion house within years of his arrival. With some work with Hedi at Yves Saint Laurent, he kept growing into an international star in the fashion world.

      With the constant growth in contacts and notary, he realised he didn't just want to run someone else's company; he wanted to be at the helm of his own company and so launched his brand TOM FORD BEAUTY and the women sector ESTEE LAUDER which both were instant successes; Tom Ford began selling Tom Ford sunglasses, glasses, Tom Ford prescription glasses and Tom Ford perfumes that catered to the high-class male market. From there the companies grew in sync expanding into different market sectors and setting new standards in whichever sector they went into with elegance, simplicity and suave at its core.

      This simply grew to the point where the brand was so big that it was taking market share from Tom's previous company Gucci and other brands like Yves Saint Laurent but the issue was they did not have enough heritage to push their products so with many marketing runs the company soon was a contender in the fashion world and was being chosen over other brands; today the company is known as a tier 1 brand with competition only with Louis Vuttion and Gucci itself. When people think of Tom Ford they think of a brand from the man who fixed Gucci and that's all that needs to be said to convince a customer to buy.

      With a rich yet recent past and a heavy amount of prestige backing the brand as well as immense contacts, Tom Ford is a brand created by the marketing genius for the man who wants to look his best!

      Tom Ford Popular Picks

      Today, Tom Ford has many different customer capturing products, here are a few of their best selling ranges.

      Tom Ford perfume men:

      Fragrances by this immense brand are world-renowned and there is a huge variety of what you can expect when looking for a perfume or cologne,

      Tom Ford Tuscan leather and ombré leather fragrances-

      Tom Ford Tuscan leather is a rather tonka bean and amber add warmth and sensuality type fragrance made from rare oud wood sandalwood where actually wood is often burned to get a strong scent to unleash as well as night blooming jasmine. This is one of the best Tom Ford fragrances is great for a man that is a bit mature and professional.

      Tom Ford Noir -

      This Tom Ford Oud is one of the most popular of the batch; with a scent that is a mix of exotic rose wood and base notes of Amber, Vanilla and other expensive ingredients that make up a very sensual feeling fragrance for men. This could be a Tom Ford perfume women can wear or men but is most suited to a male that is looking to smell to impress!

      Tom Ford Glasses:

      With foundings in the glasses industry; it's no surprise they sell well! dozens of designs that can make you look like James Bond or Tom Cruise, or both at the same time. These glasses are made especially for the male that is looking for something better and more exclusive than the glasses worn by the masses.

      Buy now, Pay Later with Tom Ford

      At Linvelles we have Tom Ford sales running year-round but if you want something from this elegant brand but don't want to spend too much at once, you can buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit and Split It; allowing you to divide the cost up in instalments ranging from 2 payments all the way to 12 payments for your ease of purchase!

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