Messenger Bags

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      Messenger bags, the more stylish of the types, since the 20th-century, they've come into trend and out of trend but are forever timeless as long as you know exactly how to pair them with a stunning outfit! From the fashion catwalks in Paris to the streets of London, you'll find ultra-stylish messenger bags lining the streets.

      Surprisingly invented in the 17th century in Europe, these bags were stylised in the 1950s by the hippy community, but soon after, the fashion trend ascended into the mainstream market where the bag type was welcomed with open hands by a large range of A-List celebrities, and since then year over year large designers have come out with more beautiful designs for customers to shop through.


      Messenger Bags are small bags that carry so many things it's unbelievable for the size and with products from Linvelles you can find the most prestigious brands for them. With brands like Gucci and Fendi you can look sexy carrying a messenger bag. At Linvelles we pride ourselves on our products delivering all price-points for an amazing shopping experience!


      If you are looking for a designer messenger bag but don't want to spend too much at once, why not buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay or Paypal Credit!

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