Belt Bags

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      Previously only used by travellers and adventurers, these small pouch style bags fit around your waist and hold only the essentials like your phone and money. Acting like an extra-large pocket for your convenience while still looking stylish and showing off your fashion sense, of course, we are talking about Designer Belt-Bags which have come to be one of the most trendy styles of bags in the 21st century. 

      With an extremely tumultuous history within the hippie community, the belt bags were invented in the 1960s and popularized in the 80s by the pop scene taking over. Since then, every other decade they come back into style amidst new designs. Designer Belt-bags have recently become very popular because of how stunning the creations by brands like Gucci, Balenciaga and Burberry. They never fail to impress, creating designs using the Check Design by Burberry or the GG Supreme Design by Gucci. 


      Sizes for belt bags usually stay within the 14 inches mark and have a strap that can be extended depending on the wearer's waist size. Larger brands like Gucci have begun to create belt bags styled like messenger bags to fit make an excellent cross-breed style bag, an example of this is the GG Belt Bag by Gucci which is slightly larger; coming in 16 inches. Unlike standard belt bags created by Balenciaga that average at 13 inches in width.


      Designer Belt bags for men at Linvelles usually do not exceed £800, with the best price of the collection being the Balenciaga Wheel BeltPack which is £637, don't worry about the price. However, as we've got you covered at Linvelles, with excellent selections at great prices along with our Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods you can get your Designer Belt bags without worrying about breaking the bank!

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