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      Bags come in all shapes and sizes, from larger Backpacks to small messenger bags, but they all have one purpose; to carry things. What better way to do that than in style? Men's bags are a popular style piece for people interested in fashion, and brands do their best to cater to the needs of a customer.

      First popularised as a fashion piece in 1990s bags for men were initially only for carrying notebooks and for school kids but have become such a popular item that brands compete to make the flashiest, Gucci is taking the lead currently with bags like the GG Backpack, or Eden GG Supreme Monogrammed Backpack created for the sole aim of style and as a social symbol for rappers and celebrities.


      Bags come designed in various ways, from the all-over print, brands like Valentino seem to adapt from to the brand logo printed one in giant lettering front and centre like Balenciaga. Nonetheless, the bags always come out look brilliant and never fail to attract the customer's eyes!



      Bags come in so many sizes it's hard to name all, but for Men, the favoured candidate seems to be Designer Backpacks and Messenger bags which follow the rules of today's trends in fashion.

      Other bags to look out for are Designer Crossbody and Branded Belt bags which have been seen in a rise in popularity over the past decades, and whatever the reason you are looking for a bag for, we are sure at Linvelles we have the one for you!

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