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      By a seasoned designer who previously worked for big names like Mademoiselle, creating a brand set out to create the perfect handbag; Kate Spade New York also known as KS, has for the past few decades, grown and settled a soft spot in the hearts of fashion consumers globally. In this collection of brilliant handbags, crossbody bags, shoulder bags and many more you'll find the best-designed fashion pieces in the industry.

      Whether you are going for a gothic rockstar look or a contemporary businesswoman look and even a night out party look, Kate Spade bags has got you covered from the Kate Spade purses to the Kate Spade tote bags, and with a colour collection with bright pinks to neutralised Yellows, there is something for quite literally anyone; which is standing proof that this brand has all you could ever want.

      Pivotal is changing the way the industry looks at Premium handbags companies, Kate Spade handbags are one of the highest contenders in American luxury and gives a vibe that has the true New York big apple flair which mixes cultural cues from many different countries and cities together into perfectly blended bags like the Kate Spade backpacks that stand as a testament to the sheer beauty of the bags made by this brand!

      Kate Spade UK is a brand created to make any woman look beautiful wearing any outfit thus a Kate Spade bag is simply the best compliment to a woman.


      Founded in the early '90s by Kate Brosnahan Spade who had years in the industry as a designer, she set out to create a handbag that had fit all of the requirements, great design, the right size for a woman, the perfect handbag. When creating these perfect Kate Spade crossbody bags she took inspiration from many places like the technology culture, the fashion movement and many others to create the bags she was making and after a few months, in 1993 she put her first six kate spade bags on sale to which they gained global acclaim not only for their styling but also for the immense attention to quality and detail that was put into the bags by this new brand known as Kate Spade New York

      After this first range, the brand started getting noticed by the high-class of New York and grew into the hearts of the people who had that aspirational American dream that was based in New York and soon enough the company spread across the USA and rapidly across the world.

      The brand has had a hugely quick growth compared to other brands and a lot of that is due to the amazing amounts of celebrities that love their KS products from Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge who sports and loves this fashion houses dresses and Kate Spade crossbody bags to Taylor Swift and Disney Actresses wearing Kate Spade jewelry and Kate Spade wallets that give off a modest yet elegant feel. 

      And with celebrity ambassadors, great design and a prestigious past; Kate Spade is the most beautiful brand to come out of America

      Signature Designs

      Kate Spade is a brand that puts so much thought and attention to detail when making their products from Kate Spade earrings to their dresses, with signature style cues that are marked into all their designs to act as a "delightful surprise" on all their products.

      The Spade -

      The signature spade, also known as the ace of spades is the logo of the brand and can be seen almost everywhere you look in a weirdly subtle way. This spade emblem can be seen making up patterns, colourful logos on bags and in the stitching within the bags themselves. With the power of being able to turn heads but not brash enough to look cheap; Kate Spade does really well in planting these emblems everywhere without making them look ugly. This talent can only be seen by this brand because simply put, Kate Spade puts the most effort into their Kate Spade Bags in the entire industry.

      Stripes -

      Another design cue that is always noticeable is the stripes the fashion house uses, whether the colour be pink and yellow or black and white, KS often uses Stripes to identify the companies Kate Spade bags or dresses

      And so this brand has signature style cues that aren't only beautiful but very contemporary, so if you want to distinguish a bag from a Kate Spade bag; look for the Stripes and Spade!

      Popular ranges

      Here are the most popular ranges made at Linvelles from this fashion house

      Kate Spade Jewellery 

      These guys make some beautiful jewellery from Kate Spade Watches to bracelets made by the company; you can be sure to find all the jewellery you could ever want at KS like the Kate Spade Necklaces

      Kate Spade dresses

      Dresses made by this brand, this range is stunning with designs worn by celebrities and businesswomen alike, when you buy one of these dresses; you just know you can wear it anywhere and look stunning!

      Kate Spade Bags

      With a large focus on bags, this company creates a vast amount of bags that cannot be overlooked; thus making it one of our widest and most beautiful ranges at Linvelles.

      And so, these are our most popular categories by Kate Spade and if you are looking for luxury and luscious curves and edges; this brand is the one for you!

      Buy now, Pay Later Kate Spade

      If you want to get a Kate spade bag, dress or pieces of their jewellery but don't want to pay premium prices upfront you can Buy Now, Pay Later with Klarna, Clearpay, PayPal Credit and Split It on all Kate Spade items; allowing you to split the cost up into instalments ranging from 2 months all the way to 12 for your ease of purchase!

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