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      Emporio Armani, a brand that has shaped the way we dress, a subbrand from one of the most prominent Italian fashion houses, Armani. This brand has one of the widest varieties at Linvelles with hundreds of options to choose from whether you are looking for a Men or Ladies Emporio Armani watch or a Dress shirt made by them; you've got more options than you can choose from. 

      This sub-brand was created by the man Giorgio Armani to be the brand within the company that latches onto younger trends and modern traits of a stylish fashionista who wants to look expensive but not £1000 expensive. And that is exactly what these guys do so perfectly, being a company that can follow and set trends while never fading is something a lot of companies master for an era but this company for decades has repeated the little known recipe and made it work year after year.

      With beautiful and comfortable pieces coming out of their studios on a seasonal basis, you never have to worry about the clothing, bags or accessories you buy from Emporio Armani going out of style because with the evolution of the brand you look good for decades wearing the same Emporio Armani trainers and thanks to the immense quality; you just know they'll last you a long time.

      A rather premium brand by Armani, Emporio Armani UK is the needle in a haystack of European brands so there is no wonder why our customers absolutely love it at Linvelles.


      The brainchild of Giorgio Armani and his passion for fashion, the brand Armani was founded in 1975 with the aims of selling expensive pieces to the ultra-rich Italian high-classes and tourists who wanted a taste of European quality luxury goods. After much success with the father brand, Giorgio decided to launch a sub-brand that would cater to the young, more style-conscious buyer who wanted to keep up with the latest trends, thus in 1982; Emporio Armani came storming into the scene with the first products being Emporio Armani boxers, Emporio Armani aftershave 

      and many other accessories.

      Other the next decades the brand would see a rise in the brand's notability, being compared to the likes of Gucci, Calvin Klein and Valentino Garavani; with this came a boost in funding and the brand expanded to other sectors such as Emporio Armani coats and clothing in general where they would sell cheaper versions of the more established Giorgio Armani's clothing ranges, and almost instantly the brand boomed even more; creating pieces that looked £500s but cost around £50.

      Seeing the success of the brand in Europe, Hollywood took notice with large celebrities wearing the style pieces the brand created from the catwalk to the red carpet.

      To this day Giorgio Armani, the founder of Armani, is known as the man who invented Red-Carpet dressing with his Suits, Emporio Armani watches for men, Emporio Armani belt that would together create a look that would turn heads effortlessly.

      This brand has been around, creating beautiful luxury goods for just under 40 years and has not gone out of style thus if you are looking for a prestigious fashion house, Armani is the one, and if you are looking to feel trendy while looking expensive, Emporio Armani is the sub-brand for you.

      Signature Designs

      Emporio Armani is one of the most prominent brands in the world but what is odd about that is that most brands have distinguishable features, things you can point out that help a consumer identify that a product belongs to certain brands, but not Emporio Armani, this brand is a bit different...

      The only distinguishing feature of this brand, the only signature style as per se is the Eagle, we all know it. That 6 striped Emporio Armani logo eagle stands out in a crowd; this design is so distinct that even the least fashionable person will recognise it. This logo consists of an eagle-shaped bird facing the right with its wings spread high in the air. This logo is simple of confidence and prestige and to top it off we have the "GA" sitting at the bottom centre of the logo showing everyone that Emporio Armani is the crown prince of the brands by Giorgio Armani.

      And that's it, other style cues don't exist, not because the brand doesn't want them there but rather because the brand focuses on making an amazingly designed product before focusing on stamping their logo on it, For Emporio Armani when designing pieces like an Emporio Armani bag, they focus on making it comfortable, made of the best materials and making sure the bag does it's a job better than any other bag in the industry. Finally after delving into all that, then they stamp their logo and it's simply that immense attention to detail that sells the brand so well. 

      Hence you don't need flashy logo's everywhere and style cues; with Emporio Armani, without even seeing the logo, one simply understands that a shirt is an Emporio Armani t shirt or an Armani fragrance just floating in the air as someone walks past you is an Emporio Armani perfume eau de toilette.

      Thus if you want a brand that is understated yet extravagant, trendy but not so flashy, feels good while looking good. Trust Emporio Armani at Linvelles.

      Popular Categories

      Below is a collection of the most popular picks at Linvelles from this brand

      Emporio Armani tracksuit:

      Tracksuits by this brand usually come in the form of Emporio Armani EA7 which is the even younger feeling, less expensive subbrand of Emporio Armani, but not to worry because the straight leg quality tracksuits made by Emporio Armani are exquisite in every sense!

      Emporio Armani ladies watch

      ladies watch and men s watches by EA are not only great for gift sets but also on the wrist of a stylish woman, from rose gold and white to black and silver, the watches made by this brand are amazing.

      Emporio Armani jeans

      To be paired with a polo shirt, Emporio Armani slim fit jeans are great for a man who wants to look great while feeling great, because the jeans made by the brand are on par with the likes of Levi's!

      Emporio Armani pouch

      Emporio Armani man bags are great for travelling fashion elites, much smaller than shoulder bags and more utilitarian than tote bags, Emporio Armani Pouches are great for carrying everything you want in a compact form factor.

      Emporio Armani shoes

      This is without a doubt one of the more famous ranges, Shoes by Emporio Armani are so well-designed they are comparable to Nike and Adidas except they have style and elegance.

      Thus, these are our popular picks at Lunvelles and if you want something great from EA look no further!

      Buy now, pay later Emporio Armani

      We have Emporio Armani sales going on year-round but if you want to get a brilliant style piece by Emporio Armani without paying too much money upfront, you can buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit and Split It. These payment systems allow you to split the cost up into instalments ranging from 2 months to 12 months for your ease of purchase.

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