What do aspiring women keep in their purses?

What do aspiring women keep in their purses?

As a recent Quora response pitched back in response to the lead question, it depends on what they’re aspiring to. Clever, but come on, we know the rules are slowly shifting in terms of what women can hope for and aspire to in their personal and professional lives:


  • Respect
  • A challenging, rewarding, and well-paid career
  • opportunities that the previous generation of women were denied
  • some power would be nice
  • wrap this all up in a designer clothing/executive car package


Now that’s covered, onto the macrocosmic matter of what you’re carrying in your women's bag. Clue, our previous article on what the queen carries in her bag is probably not going to be much help – her Royal Highness is likely beyond aspiring].



The Essentials in a Woman’s Handbag

Lip balm. This demure gloss/moisturizer helps keep lips in pristine condition during live or Zoom meetings. It’s an all-in-one skin care and beauty item, plus provides solid bad breath defence. Obviously, mints [not gum, luv] guard the mouth too, and if you’re serious about tooth care and keeping your pearls white, some dental floss.


While we’re on cosmetics, a small makeup bag is a must for keeping makeup essentials in one safe and locatable place. The brand doesn’t have to match that of your Gucci handbags, although that can be classy too.



Granola Bar. Despite what your post lunch gut tells you, you’re going to get hungry. Mid-afternoon is never the best time for execs to pop off to Pret a Manger for nuts and Kit Kat. Plus, most Brit snack shops are plus sugar low health hubs. A Granola is a good compromise. Decent size, tastes good, enough sugar or honey to kickstart your second wind, and healthy enough not to hijack your diet.


Business Cards. We all app to connect now. Even email’s time might soon be up. But a business card is still [just] the quickest way to pass on your professional info. It’s old school but it’s class.


Safety Pins. Those Joseph stretch slacks look sleek in beige, but not with a rip in the seam. Little accidents [trousers, shirt buttons, jacket arms] happen periodically and unless you have a personal tailor on hand or shotgun fast cross-stitch skills, you need to get them sorted.   


Yes, it’s 2022 and we’ve come through Covid, so you don’t need a lecture on hand sanitizer. But hey, a pocket-sized bottle of instant germ zapper is a great idea when you’re meeting, greeting, and eating on the run. Stick it in your bag for ten extra hygiene points.



It won’t be long until phones are solar powered or energized to last until the sun dies, but until such a time, and no matter which hyper cell phone variant you’re wielding, a phone charger is a must.


As are band aids. Because you might cut your finger but also because some in flight entertainment systems have built in cameras installed. Airlines say they don’t use the cameras, but why take the risk. Your face is your business, so stick a band aid or sticky label over the lens.


Hair ties are another great addition because they enable you to make changes to your looks on the go. Sometimes it’s a formality thing, sometimes a mane of curly red locks is just too distracting, or maybe your just want your hair out of your way while you’re eating that granola bar!



What Else Does an ASPIRATIONAL Woman Need?

Aside from more stuff, the rest can be boiled down to hard and soft skills and qualities. Hard: intelligence and knowledge of your profession or subject area. Purpose and drive are also vital. Soft: emotional intelligence, empathy, and positivity.


Ultimately what you put in your Burberry bag is your call and will depend on what you aspire to and what you’re doing right now. Doctor, where’s that stethoscope? Special agent, have you packed your pistol? But seriously, the mark of an aspiring woman is that she’s ready whatever situation arises, and she’s organized and agile enough that she doesn’t need to carry two bags.

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