What Are the Best Designer Handbags for Women?

What Are the Best Designer Handbags for Women?

In the fashion world, there is a select number of handbags that will captivate anyone who bears witness—a shining light emanating from the bags, letting every passer-by know that "luxury" has entered the room. Not all bags are expensive, and not all are stylish. But there are ladies' handbags from an array of fashion houses, from expensive to well-priced, that can achieve such a feat—from Gucci Bags UAE to Michael Kors Bags UAE. Price isn't always a factor that can be relied upon.


In this article, we will delve into the best designer handbags for women in UAE. We'll cover handbags from Burberry, Gucci, Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton to provide a comprehensive view of what is available in the vast fashion industry.


Burberry -

A Hampshire Burberry Shoulder Bag - £600/2700AED

Burberry Crossbody Bag UAE

With a house check print covering the bag underneath the top flap, this Designer Shoulder Bag is one of the most understated yet classy bags from the British fashion house. The bag is lined with leather in every direction with canvas in areas to implement the traditional print. 


If you are after the feeling of class, this British designer handbag UAE is one of your best options and will always do you well on the streets of Dubai.


Gucci - 

Dionysus Gucci Crossbody Bag - £805/3622AED

Gucci Crossbody Bag UAE

Surely, you've seen this? How could you miss it?

This Gucci Clutch/Crossbody Bag has been one of the staples of Gucci's success in the 2010s and 2020s. Launched just under a decade ago, it carries the design spark of Gucci UAE. With a horseshoe-shaped emblem representing a two-headed snake and the iconic GG print covering every inch of this fabulous Italian Designer bag, it is a must-have in every fashionable woman's collection.


Michael Kors - 

Cora Half-Moon Michael Kors Shoulder Bag - £350/1500AED

Michael Kors Shoulder Bag UAE

If you ever manage to find it—swipe it up! This rare crescent-shaped Michael Kors White Bag UAE is a sight to behold. With its coral-styled, wavy leather wrapping and a gold chain encircling the top, this Michael Kors bag stands out as one of the sexiest and rarest bags you'll be fortunate to catch a glimpse of. A testament that style doesn't have to break the bank, this Michael Kors Bags UAE Online is an easy buy and an absolute no-brainer.


Louis Vuitton - 

Neverfull MM Louis Vuitton Shoulder Bag - £1150/5175AED

Louis Vuitton Shoulder Bag UAE

From Beyonce and Rihanna to the average stylish Emirati, this bag is one of the best selling Louis Vuitton handbags and is an absolute icon of the Fashion House. With swooping LV patterns in every direction; this simplistic yet extravagant LV handbag UAE is stunning. If you have the budget for this bag, buy it, buy it, buy it!




To conclude, the world of luxury handbags is tough and hard to understand sometimes but with the 4 trusty luxury brands we've mentioned, you will never be short of iconic wearing their handbags!

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