The Halfmoon Handbag Trend – A Quick Rundown

The Halfmoon Handbag Trend – A Quick Rundown

Halfmoon (or ‘crescent’, or sometimes ‘hobo’) bags became the IT designer bag in 2020, and then hung around. The reasons for the halfmoon’s popularity and stay-ability are manifold. First is practicality – it’s big enough (compared to plenty of smaller women's bags) to hold essentials, but slim enough for modern women who don’t necessarily need full shoulder bags (or even compact but fairly large crossbody bags). 

It’s also an item with plenty of idiosyncratic value; and we’ve needed that since 2020 – handbags, ready to wear and accessories that turn down the branding a little and add some quirkiness to match how we run our own lives.




Average Price ranges

As our list (below) shows, prices very much depend on the materials and your brand of choice. Assuming you start with a non-leather, premium/youth-focused label like Love Moschino, prices can comfortably meet you with a smile at £150, whilst aspirational leather pieces by Michael Kors could cost you £300 or more.


Gucci’s Marmont can be yours for under £1,000 and Louis Vuitton enters the fray with a super-cute and tiny semi-crescent number from around £1,600 (and rising depending on material).

Shop at similar price points for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent (a hobo variant with a more relaxed leaning), Prada (the purest of them all) and Burberry.

Chanel is the outlier, going astronomical with its Messenger bag at over £4,000. 





Most Popular bags this year

As the crescent bag has hung around well past its ‘latest trend’ date, it’s gained in confidence to diversify into different materials and styles.

Leather is undoubtedly still the preferred choice, with smooth whole grain the sleeker look and Saffiano leather a more robust, ‘about town’ finish. Raffia and canvas all add a carefree spirit.


Brands also have their idiosyncratic takes. Naming aside (and whether the moon shape (usually) dips or (sometimes) rises, there’s nothing like comparing templates, from the stiff-upper-lip formality of a Burberry to the French insouciance of a YSL, you can usually have your half-moon your way.    



Bags at

Love Moschino LM logo Plaque Half-Moon Bag

Somewhat ironically, this half crescent variation formalises the look of what is usually quite a fun and irreverent brand. How so? The key is in the shape’s strictures that add a degree of sloping elegance where a box shape would otherwise be rather plain.


Michael Kors Cora Half-Moon Shoulder Bag in White

While Michael Kors bags generally occupy a middle ground between work-smart functionality and aspirational lux, this bag also hits the right relaxed trend notes too. White is an underused MK colour, and chunky hardware adds a dash of boldness that is softened by the bag’s contours and the unusual leather patterning


Kate Spade Staci Saffiano Smile Shoulder Bag

Another New York brand. This one, with the alternative ‘smile’ moniker, takes its inspiration from the classic NYC template that says black, slim, and work ready.


Burberry Olympia Canvas Shoulder Bag In Grey

Burberry bags has been experimenting with shapes and materials for a while now. It’s canvas bag lines include buckets, satchels, and totes. Pale canvas and the crescent shape here make for a clean and functional accessory.


Burberry Small Leather Olympia Shoulder Bag In Pale Orange

Proof that material and colour can totally change the look. In this case, orange tan matches with pretty much any wardrobe; we suggest brown or black skirt or dress for a high impact and classy finish, although it doesn’t come that cheap.


Gucci Ophidia Dome Shoulder Bag In White

Is it a half moon? By the book, probably not, and the outward bulge of the crescent shape creates a sportier feel, aided by the central stripes on white backing. But size and smarts say crescent, and Gucci bags do a more traditional crescent in the GG Marmont anyway.




A half-moon bag is a sleek and low fi way to go classy. Like a suit with pumps instead of heels, the crescent shaped bag’s lack of ostentation is admirable because of its simplicity and refinement.

Price points suit all pockets, from virtually all major players. Do check bag sizes – in our minimalist age there’s a general push for (even) less is more that might leave you short. But otherwise, let a half-moon light your way.

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