The Best Love Island 2022 looks

The Best Love Island 2022 looks

Each Contestant and Their Style

Reality dating gameshow Love Island ‘rocked’ beach and holiday styles this year. Whatever your views on the show [come on, you love it!] there’s no denying that aspirational body shapes and sexy fashion are a big part of its appeal.  


Dig a little deeper and you’ll note each contestant had easily identifiable looks that, with a little creativity and within your own budget, are easy to match or emulate. First, the finalists.


Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu. Winner Ekin-Su maxed her tanned skin, dishwater blonde hair and great bust and legs [nothing to keep quiet about] to full effect with showcase one-pieces revealing great skin up top and below the thigh.





Simple style that the public obviously loved, maximized in so-simple primaries like white, black, blue, and green. When you’ve got it, then let it work for you.


Gemma Owen. Brit Owen played to her brunette strengths, with many of her outfits also including a black element to maximize the contrast between hair and pale skin. Not the tallest or slimmest figure, but dark hair and clothes played on her sophisticated strengths.


Indiyah Polack. African skin tones can pop in different colour clothes. Indiyah’s look was casual and colourful; minis and patterned dresses and bikinis dominated, but she did shine in black formality and her final dress [see below] was a silver star.


Tasha Ghouri. The most stylish and ‘model-like’ of the final quartet, Tasha used her blonde hair and paler skin as a neutral palette; then shined in outfits to match those baby blue eyes or light/muted hair tones and length.




Our Favourite Outfits

Ekin-Su’s House of CB London – Ivory Satin Corset Dress
A peach of a dress from this London independent. Ekin-Su’s golden skin tone and blonde hair may be more obviously suited to radiant pastels or deeper reds. White is risky in that it invites attention, but it provides contrast options that black would limit.
Gucci Bags to match: Gucci Soho Disco Leather Crossbody Bag in Black [for brunettes] or tan [for blonde/brown hair and skin types]


Gemma’s Nadine Merabi Black Dress

£300 of class. This is ultimately a ball gown – one seamless swathe of nitro; the optional belt does two things: it splits the dress in two for those with a fuller figure and adds a clubby night-time vibe. Add a Saffiano leather bag to draw on the rugged rock chic vibe.

Bag to match: Prada Logo-Lettering Saffiano Leather Shoulder Bag or Gucci Soho Disco Wallet Black or Coach Luna Shoulder Bag black or white.


Indiyah’s Albina Dyla Deserte Silver Beaded Mini Dress.

An absolute rocket of a dress and arguably the hottest in the show. Couture quality and fit make it a winner for Indiyah’s darker skin or provide an edgier look for paler types. It’s a killer at the club but you need heels of equal value and stature.

Bag to match: Burberry Bags Jessie Quilted Leather Chain Wallet Red





Tasha’s X Revolve Bustier Gown

Avoids being hyper-raunchy by virtue of the lengthy lower half, the intricacy and quality of the workmanship [cheaper models are available] and deep colour. Better on tanned and deeper skin tones, looks more countrified if you’re on the paler side. Avoid the peacock look with silver hardware, which edges away from the dress’s ornate lower frills.

Bag to match: Gucci GG Debossed Handbag In Grey or Chanel Large Classic Handbag in grey or Michael Kors Cora Half-Moon Shoulder Bag In White.




Love Island may be more about skin [and lots of it] than what usually goes over it, but the four female finalists all utilized their strengths to model hot clothes and swimwear, maximizing hair and skin tones and body types to full effect. It’s something you can do too, and while the price tags on the items listed are often expensive couture numbers, there are plenty of ready to wear and cheaper alternatives online.


Just remember to emphasize your strengths in skin, hair, eyes, and body type, and upscale with a decent designer bag. The Michael Kors Collection is a safe and reasonably priced entry point if bags are not your forte.

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