Is Coach a good brand of handbag?

Is Coach a good brand of handbag?

Coach, is a brand that has captivated customers for decades with its unique designs as well as well-built bags, clothing, and shoes. If you want to wear items from a brand that will not only ensure you're in good hands but also effortlessly stylish, Coach handbags in the UAE are a great option! Formerly known as Coach New York, the designer fashion house was founded in 1941, towards the end of World War II - the brand was founded with a dream to hand-craft leather into beautiful, clever, practical things.


The self-proclaimed Original American House of Leather, Coach UAE is continuously coming out with new designs that fit into the world of fast fashion while maintaining the quality comparable to Burberry bags in the UAE.


Two of Coach's most popular handbags:

Coach Tabby Shoulder Bag


Coach Tabby Handbag


One of the most timeless designs from the fashion house, the shoulder bag sports a solid block colour design whether it be Black, White, Beige or many others along with the iconic single "C" emblem typically in Gold. Worn by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and many other A-listers, the Coach Tabby bag Dubai is loved for its compact shape and versatility.


Launched in 2019, this fairly recent bag has been updated yearly resulting in older versions of the bag rising in value consistently so if you are in the market, get your Coach bag UAE promptly!


Coach Rogue Top-Handle Bag


Coach Rogue handbag


Showcasing the classic hard-shelled Top-Handle bag design, this Coach handbag resembles the Hermes and Gucci bags in UAE, this iconic handbag is leather lined with polyester and covered in absolute luxury! A bag that is continuously adapted to trends time over time while sporting a timeless shape. Whether you're a woman on the go or a stay-at-home queen, this beautifully crafted handbag in UAE is one of the sexiest options for bags!


Launched in 2016, this nearly a decade-old fashion masterpiece is the perfect bag for any woman looking for a stylish companion on their days out!



So... Is Coach a luxury brand?

One word, ABSOLUTELY! The brand for just over 80 years has been a powerhouse of American fashion and with irresistible designing, Coach is and will always be a brand to look out for and snap up whenever you get a chance!

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