Introduction to the lower end of Gucci

Introduction to the lower end of Gucci

Despite what you may have seen in 2021s warts-and-all Gucci movie (and what the movie revealed about the brand’s rather over-enthusiastic approach to licensing agreements in the 80s and 90s) Gucci doesn’t do a lower end designer collection.
Focus on quality and pricing really started shifting in the Dawn Mello and Tom Ford years and have been on an upward and onward shift in ready to wear that’s plateaued only infrequently since Ford’s departure.
As of 2022, Gucci is – alongside mega-rival Louis Vuitton in the LVMH camp – the biggest brand in the fashion world. And while that might have meant quality and licensing issues back in sunglasses and loafers’ days, it now virtually assures high quality and creativity in women’s bags at every turn. And with it, higher price tags. A Gucci bag comes at Gucci prices.  
But that’s not to say that cheaper Gucci bags cannot be found. Model and size play a huge part in determining the prices, as well as the popularity (and availability) of certain pieces and the materials used (full grain calf leather is pricey for a reason).
At Gucci, expect stylish bags in abundance across the collection, but smaller models, stylistic outliers and alternative colour options can sometimes be found at moderate discounts.
Yes, prices have swollen across the luxury sector in recent years, a strategy to make products more exclusive that pre-dates even the pandemic and that is making the sector – as brands like Burberry, eager to compete in the luxury bag arena, will attest. But with the right knowledge, you can find Gucci bags for figures that start to make sense (and yes, we stock Burberry bags too). 



Where can you buy Gucci bags?

We’re going to be honest with you here, accessing discounts via the official Gucci website is going to prove hard because the brand strategy is geared towards exclusivity, not value. is a showcase of design excellence, with pricing (in keeping with that exclusivity mantra) kept relatively static or on an upward curve.  
Which leads many consumers to shop elsewhere in search of better-value Gucci goods. The issue with shopping off-piste is frequently one of quality, and with a plethora of international eCommerce platforms offering ‘designer’ pieces at varying price-points, it’s difficult to know who you can trust.
It goes without saying that at Linvelles we’re dedicated to bringing you the very best authentic goods, frequently at prices with a favourable discount compared to official brand or other eCommerce channels.
In fact, alongside the official Gucci site, we’re confident of bringing you the best selection of Gucci bags. We’re also confident we won’t be beaten on prices. To prove it, here’s our list of the top 10 best value Gucci bags at





The Top 10 List

Embossed GG Crossbody Bag Black

A classic from the Gucci stable. For many, cream and tans are key signifiers of the Gucci look, with black the reserve of YSL fans, but – especially with a padded bag – noir and Gucci are wedded through the house’s recent penchant for Edwardian antiquity.


Interlocked GG Crossbody Bag Brown

A more conventional take on Gucci form and colours, this crossbody meets the 80s Italian aesthetic nicely in beige, with hardware that is effective but not garish


GG Canvas Belt Bag In Black

A Gucci anomaly of sorts – it’s black, it doesn’t have any hardware to speak of, and it’s made of canvas. A cool Gucci outlier!

Gucci Psychedelic Pouch

It may not even really be a bag, but who cares with such a fun psychedelic look – a big part of the Gucci oeuvre now, and a colourful iteration of the sixties ideal.


Embossed GG Shoulder Bag Black

Another chic manifestation, this one is interesting because the embossing – links and hexagons – creates a raffia effect, thus relaxing the overall look.





Psychedelic Crossbody Pouch

It’s a pouch (not a rucksack) owing to its diminutive size, and while anything more than sunglasses and phone will have to fit into your, err, rucksack, the lack of stature works well – it won’t dominate your look.


GG Canvas Crossbody In Yellow

Something of an old school Gucci vibe – its beige at heart with that recognisable Gucci patterning – aligned with swinging sixties mustard yellow leather and curved lines. mini skirt at the ready.


Soho Disco Leather Crossbody Bag In Black

We love the Soho – something about its simplicity (embossed GG logo and no-nonsense hardware), practicality (light with pockets aplenty) and the edgier Saffiano finish make it the perfect work and night bag combination.


Psychedelic Round Crossbody In Pink

The hippy lettering and stars lean left, and the pink border and strap disowns you of many claims to sobriety. Not a work bag, although wherever you take it, it’s going to mean [not so serious] business.


GG Debossed Handbag In Grey

There’s hardly enough grey on the runway. Understandably, the colour could be draining, but done right – as per this very classy handbag – grey provides a dynamic and contrasting balance for black or white wardrobes.






Gucci can be made affordable if you look in the right places. at we’re committed to quality first – Authentic Gucci bags from across the brand’s eclectic range of pieces. But you can also trust us on pricing. Expect to pay no more than you really need to for the authentic bag you seek. Price and product – a perfect combination.  

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