How to tell if a Marc Jacobs bag is real or fake?

How to tell if a Marc Jacobs bag is real or fake?

From London and Dubai to Shanghai, Marc Jacobs has become a globally recognized stunning fashion house with not only style but also creativity that cannot be denied; the designer bags brand is ultra-luxurious and somewhat of a trendsetter in the fashion world! Unfortunately with so much success comes a lot of copies; due to the amount of faux handbags on the market, it can be hard to differentiate what's a real bag and what's a fake handbag. In this short article, we'll give you some pointers to watch out for when shopping for bags from the Marc Jacobs UAE collection.



Similar to the Gucci handbags UAE collection and Burberry UAE collection, Marc Jacobs typically uses a simple and clean font for its branding. When inspecting a prospective bag, make sure the letters are evenly spaced, legible, and positioned with precision as bags made by Marc Jacobs tend to have the logos knitted or printed on by machines, thus should always be precise. Pay attention to any variations in the font or spacing as this could be a significant indicator regarding whether your bag is real or fake.



Marc Jacobs Bags in UAE


All pieces that are included in Marc Jacob bags, from the material to the zippers, have the logo imprinted. So when reviewing your prospective bag, pay close attention to the hardware, such as zippers, buttons, and clasps, as they should bear the Marc Jacobs logo or branding. These details should be consistent in quality and design throughout the bag.

Materials and Quality:

Marc Jacobs bags are known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Here's how to evaluate the materials and overall quality:

Leather: If your bag is made of leather, feel the texture. Genuine Marc Jacobs leather is soft and supple. Fakes may have lower-quality or synthetic leather that feels stiff or plastic-like.

Fabric: For fabric bags, like the popular Marc Jacobs nylon totes, ensure the fabric is durable, and the pattern is consistent. Counterfeit bags may use subpar materials that quickly show wear and tear.

Lining: Authentic Marc Jacobs bags have high-quality linings, often featuring the brand's logo or unique patterns. Counterfeit bags may use generic linings or feature errors in the branding.

Marc Jacobs bag serial number

Serial Number and Tags:

Most authentic Marc Jacobs bags come with a serial number and designer tags. While counterfeit bags may also have these elements, here's how to distinguish the real from the fake:

Serial Number: Check if the bag has a serial number or authenticity card. This number should be unique and match the brand's records. Counterfeit bags often have incorrect or duplicated serial numbers.

Designer Tags: Examine the designer tags for spelling errors, incorrect logos, or unusual font choices. Genuine Marc Jacobs tags are meticulously crafted and consistently designed.

Our Thoughts:

We believe a handbag is a woman's best friend, so when shopping for your dream Marc Jacobs bag, you should always shop at stores you trust or are trusted by many as the likelihood of you getting a counterfeit product is close to zero. Stores like Linvelles, Farfetch, Amazon, and other trusted websites in the UAE are the best places to shop. But if you must buy a used or new bag from somewhere you don't know, use the checkpoints above to ensure you're getting a real bag!

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