How to tell if a Gucci bag is real?

How to tell if a Gucci bag is real?

Telling fake Gucci bags from the real thing: Sounds tricky? A 2017 Vogue article highlighted the business in counterfeit versions of luxury brand is booming [thanks largely to their easy availability online]. But the quality of fake bags – as you’d expect when you’re paying [a little or a lot] less for a knock-off – is generally comparatively poor. But whether you’re shopping online or at a hub airport or market, you need a quick-fire method to ensure you’re getting legit goods every time  


Overall Quality of the bag

Quality is subjective to some. A Gucci label or Louis Vuitton pattern says a lot, and if you’re paying a fraction of the price for your authentic Gucci bag, then certain missing qualities may be forgiven [how many times has this writer heard shoppers wonder if the cheap item they’ve bought on a market could be a ‘factory second’ or surplus stock.




For those that care about quality and authenticity, you’re looking for a bag that matches the official version to a tee. The shape and ‘stature’ of the bag are often giveaways on fakes. Hardware is another factor, as is stitching, the GG Gucci logo and internal stamping.


Be aware, because the market for inauthentic products is growing [some people don’t mind paying less for an ‘almost’ authentic version], the quality of some of these products [at least at first sight] has improved a lot.


The look of the fabric or leather

 Authentic Italian calf leather is used for durability and flexibility. While fakes will often use real cowhide, you’ll find that – over time – the secondary nature of their materials will take a beating – coloration issues as well as scuffing are common problem s with second-grade leather. Look for the authentic pebbled finish of an authentic dark brown or black Gucci items as opposed to the smooth sheeny finish on fake and/or cheaper leather.





Hardware shape and bulk can be very similar on fake and authentic goods and there has been a real ‘levelling-up’ in recent years in this area. Expect both fake and real bag types to offer the same basic hardware design [for example, the GG Marmont’s hardware bag featuring that chunky chain strap].


But under good bright light, you’ll see the quality gold finish of the original standing out where the fake may appear lacklustre/dulled in comparison. This impression, plus inevitable tarnishing, will increase over time in the counterfeit. high quality hardware will keep its colour and shine and should be brighter and deeper in lustre out of the box.




Engraving and Zippers

The D-ring and other hardware components on an authentic Gucci handbag will usually feature the Gucci name, and here is another place you can spot differences between originals and fakes. Expect uniform curvature on the C and double G letters, with all letters aligned in perfect harmony.


While fakes may come close here, the font may be a slight variation [easily spottable when compared to the real thing].


Also, check for uniformity of colour and finish. The authentic Gucci name will be engraved in silver or gold with shadow providing the only colour variation. The fake may have some discolouration where the metal plate has worn off in the engraving process. Watch zippers for this problem too. Especially over time, metal lacquer will peel and fade in fake versions.


Serial Numbers

A trained eye can spot the difference between bags by having a good look at the serial numbers, often found on the leather tags inside the bag. Firstly, the heat stamped serial number tag will be notable by the appearance of the Gucci name, especially the position [relative to one another] of those two C’s.

Numbers should just be numbers [no letters on real Gucci serials] on the QR code printed on the leather or fabric tab either




Dust Bags

Make sure you get a dust bag. Frequently knock-off product will either be missing components like box, bag, receipt, authenticity tags [and/or the standard Gucci controllato card].

The inclusion of all of these, while not an absolute certifier of authenticity, will go some way towards making you a lot more confident of your purchase of your genuine Gucci bag. And – for obvious reasons – make your purchase through a reputable and trusted supplier.


Why quality matters

Telling an authentic from a duplicate product is becoming increasingly difficult. And with an increase in ‘super-fakes’ [more expensive products that get closer and closer to matching the look of the real thing] hitting the internet, the question remains why you should bother paying quite a lot extra for a real Gucci bag anyway.


Morality aside [many fake good are made in sweat shops where conditions are poor, welfare rights are almost non-existent, and the pay is dismal] your fake may look good in the short term but expect wear and tear to become evident within weeks or months of your purchase. The curing, dyeing and stitching processes on first rate Women’s Bags are designed to last, while fakes are designed to look like the real thing for as long as it takes you to provide your credit card details. 

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