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How to tell a real Prada bag?

Telling authentic Prada bags from counterfeit bags is getting harder than ever these days. Aspirational shopping means that more people want a Prada handbag

and are more likely than ever to ‘go-fake’ to have their label of choice on their arm or hung over their shoulder. For those discerning style members [like you!] who would prefer legitimate women’s bags but can’t just head down to the Prada store, or if you find it difficult to differentiate the real from the not-so-real – look no further.


Dust Bags and Authenticity Cards

Real Prada is a much loved and – by default – much faked brand. Your authentic and high-quality shoulder bag [if new and even when purchasing from reputable used sellers on eBay] should come with an additional tan/white dust bag to protect your bag proper when in storage.


With rope fastening and the Prada label embossed on the front, the dust bag itself doesn’t ensure authenticity, but this – along with the other items on this list – will help ensure that you’re buying what you think you’re buying. Additionally, expect the inclusion of an authenticity card – this credit card-sized addition will include the bag type, size, colour, serial number, and bar code.





The Prada Logo.

Prada Bags are all about the details. Checking the logo may be the best place to start, especially if your purchase is not brand new [i.e., the dust bag and authenticity card may be missing]. Assuming the triangular logo is correctly inverted, it can be hard to tell the difference between the fake logo-badge and the real one, but frequently the fake version will have a diffuse/dull metal finish while the real one will be shinier with more of a golden reflection.


This is all easier to spot if you can compare your purchase against the real thing, but if the logo isn’t shining, expose it to natural [bright] light and see if it passes the test.


Additionally, Fake bags’ logos will frequently be embossed into the leather [the lettering sitting virtually flush within the leather] while the authentic version will stand out and away from the bag. Also check the consistency and quality of the lettering and rope motif.




Interior Plaque

Much like the external logo, logo plaques – inverted triangle or rectangle – should be complimentary in colour to the bag itself, in metal or sometimes in leather, or even printed on the bag.


Pay close attention to what’s under the Prada label - expect to find ‘Made in Italy’ [or look for the ‘Made in Italy’ stamp elsewhere in the bag]. Alternatively, the badge may read ‘Prada Milano’, but NOT Milan.


Alongside the lettering and stitching these are small details that will help you differentiate between fake and real. Older styles will generally have a plaque, while newer styles may have any one of the above variations and even a leather patch but look for consistency and quality in these fine areas.





 A few things to look out for when it comes to hardware. As per the logo badge, fakes will not always have the best shine [a dull metallic glow or even jading/wearing of the metallic component is common – check those metal feet] while buttons, clasps and buckles may include a Prada logo in capital letters that doesn’t quite look like the unique Prada font [bespoke modern serif].


Look at the two letter A’s especially – that slanting right part of the letter; frequently and erroneously rounded on the fake bags. It’s a dead giveaway.


Lining and stitching

Probably still the best way to determine the difference between authentic and fake bags is in the stitching because this – aside from the design and quality of leather – is what you’re paying for.


Again, best to have an authentic bag [even if it’s not Prada] to hand here. You’ll note how the authentic version has regular stitching that is spaced evenly and at right angles along the length and width of the bag, and that said stitching is conservatively hidden, bound into or behind the more prominent lining or exposed leather elements.


Not so a fake version. Stitch quality is frequently poor – appearing like it was done quickly – and will be more prominent. Loose threads and stitch colour that appears in contrast to the bag are also tell-tale signs.    




In summary genuine Prada bags are worth paying the extra for, and it’s also worth taking the time to differentiate between your authentic purchase and the second-best thing.


Ultimately it comes down to matters of quality – of materials used and of the stitching that will hold your bag together and in shape through years of service – and of details: those components that make a Prada bag completely different and that will prove, to all authentic followers of style, that you’re not cutting corners for second rate goods.   




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