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How to choose a Love Moschino Crossbody Bag

Love Moschino bags look perfectly poised to ride the wave of freedom summer will hopefully bring. Bright, sensual, hyperbolic and extremely desirable, the main Moschino brand’s baby line, made the younger and aspiring crowd, is somewhat unique amongst premium-priced labels in that it’s got a darling personality all of its own. 


Moschino proper certainly helps with the look and reputation: outrageous designs and colours, bold and offbeat logo placement, and a crossing of the boundaries of propriety make for clothes and accessories that might be a little rischiosa for some and whose price tag only confirms that suspicion. 


Taking the exclusivity and the pricing down a notch or two is what Love Moschino (and especially Love Moschino bags) is all about, whilst also embracing fun and leisure-friendly blueprint that is possibly more in keeping with a slightly offbeat objective. 


And Love Moschino crossbody bags would seem the ideal place to test that theory. Smaller, potentially more relaxed or more inclined to the midnight shift, a cross body needn’t defer to the same level of formality inherent in larger premium handbags and shoulder bag variants, yet it’s not so casual (like a backpack or bum bag) that it’s going to let the side down completely. Bags never seemed so much darned fun.



The quilted heart really aspires to the plush and padded throne atop all premium handbags. Heavy-lidded black is the representative aristocrat here – the queen of hearts features multiple overlaying imprints that prove your allegiance to the LM throne.


Pink or cream are equally adorable, and depending on what they’re matched with (a pink bag with a faded black or grey jumpsuit or deep red sweater is a high contrast fashion statement nobody saw coming; cream – as much as it likes more cream – can, with a little thought, play nicely with a black leather biker jacket. 


A removable and adjustable shoulder strap transforms Cinderella into a clutch. Zipper closing and gold hardware feature, as do two main compartments and two zip pockets with a nifty capacity of around 1,700cm³



The Diamond Quilted Crossbody bag is very much from the same pack as the quilted heart; the diamond-suited crossbody bag has a more serious feel, owing to the fact it’s not paying such quite heavy lip service to the notion of brand worship. Love yourself seems to be the mantra here, and a couple of variations on that theme shift the spec and utility levels left and right. 


Firstly, the 2,000cm³ versions in fair pink, black or cream with gold hardware and one internal compartment and internal pocket. If you’re leaning towards pink (and why not?), then the ‘Moschino’ look is advanced by contrasting it with black clothing that has complementary gold zipper or accessories. 


The slightly larger (2,200cm³) variant looks more like a classic satchel (with a robust fold-over flap at the front secured by a magnetic fastening. Adjustable shoulder strap and three compartments make it more practical, whilst white variants ride well against all textures and muted clothing. The red version is sexy and chic when matched to a pair of scarlet heels or a beret. Prices at around £170 with buy now/pay later options available.



There’s a little square studs crossbody bag [or something very much like it] in many premium and luxury brand’s armoury, but none quite as potent as the Love Moschino Crossbody bag version. Studs ultimately bring out the punkish/glam side of every good girl’s nature, and while it certainly doesn’t have to be a hard-core relationship, you’ll want to at least consider something a little looser in the leather, denim or some jaded/faded accessories for your total rock queen look. Boxy by nature ups the formality levels slightly; gold coloured rivets and studs bring on the shine. Approximately 1,600cm³ dimensions mean it’s on the smaller side, but a queen will always have an assistant (or a tote bag) for larger essentials.  



Everything in the Love Moschino line consolidates in spirit to a pulsing heart emblem. Amongst other things, it’s a serious and passionate counterpoint to the argument that irreverent fashion has no direction or value. 


In its latest guise, this Plain Heart Shoulder bag is centred on an embroidered pencil-thin crossbody bag (red on white or black are both heavily, ornately Italian). The polyurethane-look is intentionally glazy, nodding to the appeal of religious iconography that finds its sacred object here—pure premium genius. Dimensions of 30cm by 14cm by 4cm make it long and thin.  



The Repeat Logo Crossbody bag has a kind of ‘greeting card’ flourish to its scribed façade that comes off as slightly French in its white on the black incarnation, slightly oriental in its black on the red variant. Intentional or not, the smaller’ lunch box’ shape version is sportier in looks and a snatch at just over the £100 mark, while the fold-over black on red model is bulkier (and has bigger dimensions – 2,500cm³) and pricier at around £150, but more feminine. Both with a cold/modern polyurethane finish.  



So there you have it, Love Moschino crossbody bags to cross the street in, whilst almost certainly drawing attention to your better self. But red light a moment! Having an irreverent and colour-pulsing bag may mean you’re inclined to the wilder side with your wardrobe too, and that’s absolutely fine. But do a little online research, and you’ll note that even the most glamourous, outlandish and boundary-crossing girls (and boys) are conscious of their sense of occasion and the need to match primary and secondary colours. With that in mind, rock that bag. Buy now pay options available. 

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