Can You Return Louis Vuitton? Everything You Need To Know

Can You Return Louis Vuitton? Everything You Need To Know

So, can you return Louis Vuitton bags?


In the fashion world, Louis Vuitton is the alpha female luxury choice in bags. More desirable, more recognisable, more iconic than any other handbag on the market. The question, “Can I return my bag?” is largely redundant; Why on Earth would you want to?

Perhaps your purchase was a grab n’ go tax free impulsion and now, £2,000 short, you’re having second thoughts. Or you want to upgrade to a tote or to a less logo-centric item. The question remains, can you exchange or return your purchase? The answer, you’ll be delighted to know, is yes*.

The Louis Vuitton bags return conundrum first came to light earlier this year when a disgruntled Chinese consumer returned an allegedly ‘fake’ bag that had been sold to them at a real LV store.


Fakes are getting better for sure, but what gives? The customer was given a refund although LV stated they would never (and almost certainly wouldn’t, intentionally or not) be dealing in counterfeit goods.



Make no mistake about it, Louis Vuitton’s designer collection has become – alongside collections from rival big hitters YSL and Gucci – a seasonal art form. Their latest collection mashes TikTok worthy splashes of colour and movement with kipper ties, pannier dresses, knits, and pumps. These guys don’t rip off anyone.   

And besides, Louis Vuitton has a transparent and standard returns policy – you can return any item within 30 days. So do (oh do!) keep your receipt and/or tax-free form.


LV bags will be made from top grade materials to artisan spec, but if you spot damage or defects that may have occurred somewhere in the supply chain, then you’ll want to take it back, and you can.

Be aware that this policy doesn’t cover personalised or monogrammed goods (once they’re yours, they’re yours). For more details on returns of Louis Vuitton bags and other goods, check their website’s returns page.



Where you can buy Louis Vuitton Bags?

Now, before you probably don’t return a Louis Vuitton bag, you’ll need to buy one. So, the question is, where from?


Obviously, the Louis Vuitton website or any one of its 460 global stores is a good place to start, and where (despite the above story) you’re least likely to pick up a fake or damaged item.

Most upscale department stores (Harrods of London and Saks 5th Avenue, New York) will have a great selection of authentic bags and will be on point regarding returns and exchanges.


Online, and away from official stockists, you need to be more careful. eBay is a great place to pick up used bargains, but the words ‘bargain’ and ‘Louis Vuitton’ are not generally compatible; view too-good-to-be-true offers as just that, and don’t go hunting with a discount price tag in mind.

You can never really tell the condition or authenticity of a bag from seven badly lit photos. Other eCommerce sites may offer a modicum of additional security, but some Asian-based sites may have different licensing laws, and there is no guarantee you’ll be getting a bona fide LV item. In short, stay safe and stick to reputable and licensed sellers. 



Most Popular bags this year

We start with the Petit Malle [small trunk] because it departs curiously but wonderfully from the conventional Louis Vuitton template,  and indeed the look of most designer bags out there now. Sure, boxy bags are popular, and trunks have influenced Gucci and the current Burberry bag collection, but Louis Vuitton’s version is unique in that it’s a virtual miniature copy of a real trunk. That attention to detail makes it super cute, but it will easily cost you upward of £3,500 too (Gucci bags generally come in around the £2,000 mark). 

Louis Vuitton targets youthfulness with the Multi Pochette bag. This smallish cross body pushes the fun factor with heavy logo and coloured strap adornment. Alternatively in new wave black (padded jacket is not compulsory) or iridescent blue with Saffiano leather looks and graffiti-inspired colour. There are lots of traditional and smaller clutch-like products across the Pochette range, but the Multi is a real go-getter.



No translation necessary here, the Neverfull is one of the brand’s most popular models by virtue of the fact you get a lot of LV logo and can still carry some of your groceries.

There are cheaper bags than the £1,500 entry point for the standard tan version. But you’re opting for this over, say, a similar and cheaper Michael Kors tote because you and your envious friends know which one is more desirable. But the black version is classier.


It’s not all boutiques and roof top dining with LV. That’s not to say you’ll be roughing it on a Welsh mountainside in snow with one of these smaller backpacks, although if merging luxury fashion with orienteering is your kind of thing, check out the men’s collection of BIG bags.

Rucksacks somewhat go against LV’s reputation for high maintenance elegance, but rest assured, these are practical, fun, and stylish bags that swing on the ready to wear side of the street rather than in high couture country. 


So …What’s what?

Louis Vuitton bags can be returned for a refund or exchange [do check the small print and keep your receipt].

While we’re certainly not suggesting you should swap ‘n’ shop for a new bag every week, we are saying that – from the right retailers or eCommerce sites – you should be creative and take a chance on one of the slightly left-of-centre bags that the brand has to offer.

Safe in the knowledge that you can return it if it’s not your style; safe in the knowledge that you’re almost certainly going to keep it for good.

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