13 Cheapest YSL Bags 2022

13 Cheapest YSL Bags 2022

Average Price ranges

Yves Saint Laurent reputation was not established with cheap bags. While handbags at £2,000 plus aren’t in Louis Vuitton territory (and are certainly well shy of the sports car prices you’ll pay for a Hermes bag) they’re still beyond the reach of all but the most dedicated luxury customer. 

These days, Michael Kors Bags provide the pricing benchmark. Anything around the Michael Kors’ price range means you’re navigating premium Saffiano leather waters. Shop north of £1,200 and you’re dropping anchor in serious luxury territory.  


This is where you’ll find Saint Laurent designer bags. A bit more expensive than British brand Burberry, and on a par with major players like Gucci, Chanel, and Prada.

Mini YSL bags start retailing – through the official website [UK] – from £1,000. You can expect to pay £1,400 for a medium handbag through various chain and leather bag models, £2,000 for carry-all briefcase variant, topping out in excess of these prices for larger variants.


Style wise, Gucci bags are a decent comparison in terms of selection [both YSL and Gucci are owned by Kering], while some of YSL’s boxier numbers lean into Burberry Bags territory.

But Women's Bags don’t come more quintessentially French than YSL, as demonstrated by seasonal Ready to wear collections and accessories to match marquee and reputation. 





Most Popular bags this year

The Kate Medium Chain Bag is a classic. Less inclined to the bohemian spirit that informs many other Saint Laurent handbags, this one seems smaller than it is, owing to its sharp boxy lines and relative lack of shadowy folds.

Various muted colour options are usual at YSL; we like the grey model because it complements the mix of sophistication and beatnik attitude.


Kate Medium reversable Chain bag in suede and smooth leather is great because you get two very distinct YSL looks in one handbag. Suede – even in shocking bubble gum pink shades – is a dress-down favourite and will compliment denim, leather, more suede, and even floral dresses. Leather is smoother and suits a high contrast wardrobe.


College Medium Chain Bag

I don’t remember anyone at my college carrying a bag like this, but then I probably went to the wrong college. You could carry a paperback and pen, but at £1,700 it’s certainly pricey on a student budget. Ribbing and ample leather give it an imposing presence, with the gold YSL logo stating fashion is your major.

Astro Shoulder bag

Popular by repute, if not in outright sales, the Astro is a blast and an unusual sighting in the world of YSL bags, where things frequently stay relaxed, and style is a de- and re-constructed affair, where designs never really break the mould.

More aligned to Moschino’s ideals, but because it’s black, and has cute gold YSL tassels (and no Moschino like teddy bears or graffiti writing) it’s actually a slim and subdued little nod to the night.




Cheapest bags from the fashion house

Scroll the YSL website with an ascending range filter and you’ll be gifted the whole bag collection, listed from least to most expensive.

If you’re counting your pennies, it’s still a shocking realisation that you could buy an MK handbag for the price of a YSL leather pouch.


Cheapest is the letter pouch in patent leather and, to be honest, that might be as far as you’ll need to roll into YSL territory – black shirt, skinny black jeans: sorted.

Leather totes begin just shy of £900 with the unstructured shopping bag. Bucket bags (super trendy right now) tip the red line past £1,000, with the Kate bag being your first standard handbag at around the £1,200 mark.


Need a strict ranking of YSL bags by range in ascending price, the list is:

  1. Leather Pouch in Patent Leather
  2. Panier Raffia Bag
  3. Unstructured Tote Bag
  4. Monogramme Cœur Bag
  5. Grace Small Chain Bag in Suede
  6. Rive Gauche Tote
  7. Panier Medium Bag
  8. Rive Gauche Bucket Bag
  9. Sac Rond in Raffia
  10. Round Camera Bag
  11. Sade Large Clutch in Satin
  12. Monogramme 99 Bag
  13. Panier Small Bag


Should you buy used or new?

If you’re reading this article because price is a factor, then there’s good and bad news to be found here.

A little eCommerce website called eBay sells tons of used (and new) YSL bags for solid reductions on original store and online prices, which is great considering YSL have increased their prices in the last six months (in line with trends throughout the luxury sector).  


The bad news? We’re advising you to buy new bags at retail prices from reputable sellers (ideally the Linvelles or YSL website).

You’ll do that because it’s basically the only way you’re going to be 100% sure of getting a genuine (and not damaged) bag, that you’re able to return or exchange.

Sure, shop second hand on eCommerce sites, but shop for old CDs and books. Luxury bags are best bought new.

You want and need a YSL bag. Choices start at reasonable prices but then quickly ascend, especially through medium sized handbags, into the kind of figures that you were hoping not to pay.





But that’s what makes a YSL bag so special.

Sure, you’ve got options – go the used route but risk being ripped off with a damaged or fake item. Alternatively go for a less expensive brand – Coach and Michael Kors don’t sacrifice on quality and are maybe closer to the cost you’re willing to pay.

If you’re set on YSL, good for you, but be prepared to pay the price. Get a real one, get it new.

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