13 Cheapest Louis Vuitton Bags 2022

13 Cheapest Louis Vuitton Bags 2022

Average Price Ranges

Louis Vuitton is one of the more expensive luxury bag brands. The fact that they make very stylish women’s bags accounts for much of their high prices, but brand popularity and visibility are also huge factors.

LV has strategically leveraged its long history [founded in 1857 as a luggage brand], and its collaborative efforts with Moet and Hennessy as part of the LVMH conglomerate.


With the creative input of Marc Jacobs from 1997, and more recently Nicolas Ghesquière in charge, expansion has led to truly international domination and a seat at the head of the fashion/luxury table, alongside – and probably ahead of – Saint Laurent and Gucci Handbags.

The Louis Vuitton collection includes plenty more than bags, of course. Latest runway shows offer a glimpse of French and international style that is genuinely stunning at times, but for most consumers, Louis Vuitton bags is where loyalty begins.


For something similar, turn to Gucci bags or YSL. LV acolytes would say there is no competition.

Prices for a the small satchel-like Pochette Felicie begin around £1,000, smaller handbags like the Speedy Bandoulière come in at around £1,400, and full size cross body’s from around £1,500 upwards. Micro bags may cost less, but you get a lot less bag for your money.




Most Popular bags this year

For all the fame afforded Louis Vuitton bags with tan and brown patterning [ubiquitous on uptown high streets and cafes and made famous by Lil Kim’s photoshoot in 1999] and Saffiano leather imprinting it’s perhaps surprising that, while LV does make a lot of those bags, there are a plethora of other options that with creative colours and patterns.

Nevertheless, there are a few models that remain extremely popular, which will either be enticing to you or make you want to search for something a little less mainstream.


The Neverfull can’t quite live up to its hyperbolic branding, but it is a large tote and the LV association guarantees quality and looks of envy.

For entry point sophistication, the Mini-Pochette certainly can live [or rather down] to its name – its dolls house tiny! Mini bags are a thing right now, although this will only hold lipstick and your mobile phone. The price means you could maybe afford two [it’s a potential new look].


Size-wise, the Speedy Bag is an upgrade. Nothing really in the design to suggest an icon, but the Speedy has conquered malls and boulevards the world over with simple styling, quality and again, the ubiquitous LV imprint.

The Twist is one of the newer entries into the LV cannon, but also one of its most popular and more stylish bags.



A daytime to evening creation, with sharp styling and a more modern logo like some YSL and Burberry Handbags models, it blends couture quality with a trendier premium feel. Pricing is certainly luxury focused, but it’s a much-needed addition to the LV collection.


Finally, the Noe bag is a pragmatic and laid back bucket/hybrid with a satchel rope closure. Casual. But nothing is too casual when it comes to LV. 


Cheapest bags from the fashion house

The list below naturally leans towards LV’s smaller mini and micro bag models, so do check the bag sizes – some are very small!

Expect prices to continue to rise in keeping with luxury trends [prices are correct at time of writing] and do check their latest collection regularly. Be warned, discounts are unlikely. The only way is up.

Double Zip Pochette – £940

Pochette Chain MyLockMe – £1270

Pochette Félicie – £1130

Petit Sac Plat Bag – £1,310

Easy Pouch on Strap – £1220

Padlock on Strap Bag – £1160

Alma BB – £1220

Speedy Nano – £ 1220

Felice Strap & Go – £1220

Mini Pochette Accessoires – £515

Micro Noé Bag Charm – £600

Nice Nano – £610

Micro Metis Bag - £1320


Should you buy used or new?

Louis Vuitton is one of the better brands to consider buying used – retail outlets in cities like Tokyo specialize in selling used models.

But beware, away from reputable sellers, you’re risking a lot buying a used bag, and Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly the most name brand in the world.



Think you can spot the difference? Think again. Innumerable YouTube videos will show that – yes – there are shades of variation between real and contraband LV bags, but that the gap is closing, with even the brand itself struggling to spot the difference sometimes.


The internet, better manufacturing standards and a ready market have upped the quality of fake goods in recent years.

So, if you want the real thing, buy new and ideally from genuine Louis Vuitton stores in developed countries or airports, or from the Louis Vuitton’s official online store.


So, what's what?

There is nothing quite like Louis Vuitton when it comes to Women's Bags. The most desired and recognisable brand on the planet has achieved a level of fame in the luxury sector that is comparable to no one else.

That air of exclusivity comes at a price, with even smaller mini bag options still an expensive purchase.


But don’t be tempted to buy second hand or from less than reputable five-star sellers, because you might get a lot less than you bargained for.

If you want Louis Vuitton, go through official channels, and pay the price for the real thing. Authentic bags may cost more, but the quality will mean they should last a lifetime.

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