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      An American fashion house that has struck the consumer as being different, being a mix of contemporary western while fashion-forward European. The brand has for decades been the king of men and women's fashion across the globe and for a fact will remain that way for many generations onwards. Tommy Hilfiger UK is one of the most popular brands to be made and sold in the UK, as a branch of Tommy Hilfiger's global market; at Linvelles we have hand-selected the absolute best by the brand for you to shop through.

      The brand is known for its immersively vast amount of ranges that match all seasons perfectly whether you are hiking with a Tommy Hilfiger coat or if you are dressing to impress at a summertime ball wearing one of Tommy Hilfiger watches, the brand has got you covered in all respects. This is so apparent that when rich playboy would be looking to splash some cash they used to walk into Tommy Hilfiger's branches and have an entire signature outfit built.

      While the Tommy Hilfiger brand can do sporty and fashion-forward, what they are also masters of is classic American cool, you know what e mean; 1860-1920's western rich cowboy-style contemporary clothing; Clint Eastwood style dressing. This alternate style that Tommy is able to emulate so well grabs in flocks of customers who are equally after one or the other!


      The history of Tommy Hilfiger is surprisingly vast with a constant immense amount of chicness about Tommy Hilfiger himself who was in love with money and fashion as much as a billionaire and fashion designer combined.

      Founded in 1984 after Mr Hilfiger was approached by entrepreneurial businessman Mohan Murjani to create a global brand selling Men's Sportwear to compete with Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren. The brand launched its first range starting with Tommy Hilfiger t shirts, coats and trousers and the brand saw a good amount of success but were instantly became the heretic of the fashion world for launching with a bang when they posted an offensive billboard in Time Square comparing themselves to Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein; but despite the negative press and name they achieved in the high-class of the fashion world, the younger more free generation in the 80s loved it, it was a rebellious cool brand that represented everything good about America at the time.

      Tommy Hilfiger carried on with its fashion alternative image that it was born with by jumping into the Hip Hop game by designing outfits worn by prominent artists such as Snoop Dogg and Q-Tip who heavily ambassador the brands clothing like the Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts

       which made it an even bigger success and so after these great few years of blowing up constantly and always being the talk of the town, slowly the designer brand settled into the fashion community as a newcomer but nothing short of impressive in every aspect.

      To help the settling, Tommy started to focus on more contemporary clothing such as Tommy Hilfiger puffer jackets and Tommy Hilfiger backpacks that could be worn by people who weren't just rebellious; this meant the company was able to cater to most if not all American fashion markets. 

      After a decade the brand launched their women's range that consisted of pieces like Tommy Hilfiger jumper women and bras that a woman could comfortably wear. After this full circle of ranges and categories, the brand set its stamp in history as one of the biggest fashion designers to grace the Earth, that brand was known as Tommy Hilfiger.

      Thus if you want to feel like you belong, like you are a part of that 1% and want to feel unique, TH is the one for you!

      Tommy Hilfiger Signature Designs

      Tommy Hilfiger is a brand known across the fashion world for their signature designs, these designs are instantly recognisable and many have tried to emulate them with no success.

      The main design that makes the whole world at its mercy is the Tommy Hilfiger Red, White and Blue Americano stripes; we have no idea whether that was intended to show off America or just because, but what we do know is that everyone and we mean everyone has tried to copy this design. The stripes can be seen anywhere from Tommy Hilfiger belts to Tommy Hilfiger bags that are loved vividly by women who are looking for a taste of luxury.

      The other signature style that the company often follows is their signature Blue, this is not just any blue but a darker and deeper version of navy blue, similar to the ones you see on typical Tommy Hilfiger jeans, this signature blue has the hex code of #375d99 and RGB of 55, 93, 153, which is something nobody knows or worries about but we thought it was cool. The dingy blue is inspired by denim wash itself and has forever been one of the companies main trademarks.

      Signature designing at Tommy Hilfiger is a widespread look that the company takes pride in boasting with the aim of making the brands products noticeable wherever in the world they are and the brand puts this effort in detail right down to even their Tommy Hilfiger jeans to give the wearer a sense of confidence knowing they are wearing something made by the king of Americano fashion, Tommy Hilfiger.

      Buy now, pay later Tommy Hilfiger

      We have Tommy Hilfiger UK sales running year-round but if you want a fashion piece from this world-renowned brand but don't want to pay too much upfront you can buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, PayPal Credit and Split It which allow you to split the cost of the item in instalments ranging from 2 months all the way to 12 months for your ease of purchase.

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