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      A fashion house that never goes out of style, Ralph Lauren has always been a mix of youthful and playful while being contemporary and making anyone look wealthy; which is what has made the brand is so popular, with a perfect blend of Beverly Hills and a hint of New York when you buy, for example, Ralph Lauren jumpers you just know you are getting the highest class of fashion.

      Ralph Lauren UK or RL is known to be an extremely versatile brand that can cater to all generation, whether you are looking for a Ralph Lauren tracksuit, Ralph Lauren slippers and shoes or a suit, shirt and Trousers; RL has got you covered!

      What's even better is that with RL they don't stop at contemporary, you can have your bright pinks and light blues to stand out in the crowd.

      Ralph Lauren is a brand that has for generations has been the epitome of American design and world-class fashion, thus if you want the best; this brand is for you.


      Founded in 1967, the rolling 60's when pop fashion was trendy and wealthy businessmen took over American, the brand started its range with Ralph Lauren polo shirts and with almost instant success they moved onto bigger more expensive ranges.

      A fact that is little known is that in fact, Ralph Lauren invented the polo shirt, making their take on a normal t-shirt but with a button-down collar, because of this new array of shirts the brand to many was simply known as Polo Ralph Lauren. Thus if you want the first brand to create the Polo Shirt, Ralph Lauren is absolutely the one for you.

      With the first of the new ranges being Ralph Lauren jacket and Ralph Lauren puffer jackets for the wealthy sports, a businessman who wanted to keep up-to-date with the trends of the time. This allowed the brand to excel even quicker within the fashion industry and grew to popularity among the middle class and upperclassmen.

      Soon after the fashion house grew to heights where it was often compared to the European prestigious fashion houses from England and Italy like Emporio Armani and Burberry.

      Over the decade's celebrities began to start sporting the brand sponsorships while on the sports ground as well as on the red carpet. A big example of this is that actual sport Polo using short sleeved sportswear and tailored clothing like Ralph Lauren trainers and shirts when playing. 

      This Ralph Lauren collection consists of the heritage and modernised products that this creative and contemporary brand makes so that you can not only enjoy the best fashion pieces in the industry but also get the best quality pieces like Ralph Lauren bags and many others.

      Thus if you want a brand that has prestige and suave, RL is the one for you

      Signature Design

      Ralph Lauren is a company that often sticks to its roots, history in the companies line matters and so there are a few signature designs we often see by the company that is easily distinguishable from other fashion houses.

      The logo often overlooked as a design but is extremely instantly recognisable, in fact, one of the most easily spotted things in the industry, consisting of a man laying polo on a horse with his stick in the air while the horse is in motion, this logo can be projected largely on the shirt or small on the left of a Ralph Lauren hoodie or knit jumper and either way you can tell its Ralph Lauren without a second glance.

      Another easily recognisable design cue is the use of neutralised colours, the American fashion house is seen in the following colours: Light blue, pink, white or dark blue. These colours are very distinguishable from any of the other brands in the industry and clothing like the Ralph Lauren coat is a testament to the companies creativity.

      So what is guaranteed is that whether you are buying a pair of Ralph Lauren boxers or a polo cloth mask by the company you are getting something unique to make your outfit even better and fill you with confidence when going out!

      And what is amazing about products made by Ralph is that you don't need to look twice and you just know t's made by RL.

      Popular Categories

      Below are some of the best selling ranges by Ralph Lauren:

      Ralph Lauren gilet

      The gilets made by RL are absolutely stunning, in design alignment with a sleeveless crew neck puffer jacket they are perfect for all weather!

      Ralph Lauren face mask

      Donated to the covid-19 solidarity response fund, RL corporation created a slim fit polo high filtration mask that not only can protect you but also make sure you look stylish while doing so.

      Ralph Lauren sliders

      Sliders/slippers by RL are the comfiest you can buy in the industry, with open top sliders that match the summer weather.

      And so, these are the most popular picks by Ralph Lauren.

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