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      Can't Pay Now? No worries, at Linvelles we have a variety of soft credit payment options such as Klarna, Clearpay and PayPal Credit. Klarna offers to spread payment over a 60 day period, Clearpay offers to spread the payment over 4 fortnightly payments and finally, Paypal Credit lets you spread the cost over a 4 month period.

      Balenciaga Klarna


      Balenciaga Klarna


      We allow you to Pay with Klarna for most of our Balenciaga products. At checkout just select pay with Klarna, you will then have to enter your card details. You will be redirected to the Klarna Payment website where then you will be accepted into the payment method. Klarna is a great way to spread the cost with no additional cost of your purchase.

      Balenciaga Clearpay

      Balenciaga Clearpay

      We also let you pay with Clearpay for most of our Balenciaga products. At checkout, click offers pay with Clearpay; you will almost automatically be accepted after answering a few questions from the Clearpay website if you don't already have an account. For clearpay you will only pay every two weeks.

      Founded in 1919, a year after the end of the first world war; Cristobal Balenciaga created the brand naming it after his family name in Spain and moved it to Paris where fashion was booming. Since then, Balenciaga has made designer clothing and accessories that blow a customer away.


      Balenciaga Logo

      Known for their array of logos that range from the simple "BALENCIAGA" words written in Yantramanav font, to the double B emblem that consists of the letter "B" with it's back against another "B". Regardless of what symbol is used, what can be noticed is the forward-looking designing and the unbelievable quality their products have.

      Popular Picks


      Balenciaga Triple S Sneaker


      Popular picks from the Balenciaga collection consists of the iconic Balenciaga Triple S sneakers. This beloved piece of footwear has gained popularity from all across the world, mainly because of them being exposed by celebrities.

      Balenciaga Speed Trainer


      Another piece of footwear that has gained popularity from exposure by celebrities is the Balenciaga Speed trainer, this piece of designer footwear has been worn in many of Cardi B's music videos and has even been in the lyrics of her songs. The actual design of the two shoes is also the main factor for their popularity.

      Our Balenciaga Hoodies are also a popular pick by both men and women at Linvelles. The Bold 'BALENCIAGA' logo across the white Balenciaga hoodie is the main factor towards its popularity, nowadays people love having branded clothing; our Balenciaga collection will not fail to please your style.

      Our Balenciaga Triple S trainers have a rubber sole which is perfect for running indoors and outdoors for extreme comfort. We have 5 variants of the triple S sneaker; an all-white with pink triple S, the Allover logo triple S and 3 variants of the clear sole Triple S sneakers. The 3 variants are; the neon yellow foam and double-layer mesh clear sole, complete clear sole and the black with pink clear sole sneaker.

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