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Why are Michael Kors bags so popular?

Michael Kors History

To anyone who cares about style in the 21st Century, Michael Kors speaks authenticity and success. The fashion designer – whose mother was a model – was exposed to the industry from a young age and quickly developed a flair and passion for creating clothes; shunning the academic route (and the esteemed Fashion Institute of Technology), Kors worked in retail in New York and established his own label in the early eighties at Manhattan department store Bergdorf Goodman.

Later becoming the ready-to-wear designer for French fashion house Celine (and turning that labels fortunes around), he left in 2003 to focus on his own brand. All of this speaks of Kors’ own single-minded creativity, from beginnings selling his own clothes from his Long Island basement to his trailblazing through New York retail and beyond to becoming a household name.

With a focus on clean lines and quality materials, Kors’ clothes and accessories are famed for a simplicity that allows the individual to incorporate their own sense of style. In many ways, Kors acts as a precursor to, and bridge between the super-exclusive couture labels of Europe and the sportier, casual-wear focused brands from the US.

Now very much an international affair, there are currently around 1,200 Michael Kors stores worldwide with concessions on Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus in New York and shops across Asia and Europe.

However, and perhaps surprisingly, this popularity has not come at the expense of credibility in the fashion world. In fact, Kors’ ride has been in the ascendency (with a few blips) from the beginning. He has been womenswear designer of the year (1999) and menswear designer of the year (2003) and is still a preferred label of many household names (Angelina Jolie and Kate Middleton among them; always check the front row at his shows for the appearance of a movie star). Also famous for his role as a judge on the Emmy-nominated series Project Runway, the role further brought his name and the MK brand to the attention of the American and international mainstream.

His continued involvement as creative director of the brand allows Kors to oversee expansion linked to a focus on relatively affordable fashionable luxury for the 21st century, making him and his eponymous label one of the most instantly recognisable in the United States and around the globe.

Michael Kors Bag Materials

Michael Kors material and craftsmanship ultimately leads to a quality product. Michael Kors bags are made from the finest Saffiano leather (originally patented by Prada). Saffiano leather does not tan the leather itself but applies a coating that you see as the colour of the bag. It features a distinctive opaque resin finish (in multiple colours) that creates a famous cross-hatch waterproof pattern that is extremely scratch resistant. The treatment can lead to an (intentionally) synthetic-looking product, but one that is extremely sturdy and offers great protection against the elements. It’s possible to determine whether a bag is an authentic Michael Kors from this pattern, the inclusion of one-piece side panels, snug rubber edging and a weightier feel.

For inspiration on how a Michael Kors bag can complement an existing wardrobe, the designer’s own Spring/Summer collection offers inspiration through a relaxed take on casual affairs in town or country. Often seeking simple harmony in two or even single-toned setups, the Kors look is one where accessories (including bags) accompany the main look in unfussy and flattering tones. Fall sees an increase in leather and patterning; handbags offe
ring tonal and material support and (with leather often present) an upswing in the luxury that still serves (as Vogue has described it) the ‘comfort agenda’.

Popularity across the world

Michael Kors bags have reached a level of ubiquity and fame that rivals the likes of Coach and Louis Vuitton. Their popularity can be attributed to several factors, principally related to Kors’ own awareness and management of his brand’s position on the global fashion stage. Kors can be accredited with bringing luxury fashion to American high streets and homes (there are currently 311 stores in the US) with a simple focus on quality, uncluttered and uncomplicated styling and exclusivity without an alienating price tag. 

The aforementioned quality of Saffiano leather used in MK bags and strong construction values provides an extra incentive for the discerning customer.

With Michael Kors handbags and purses, you’re not necessarily looking to make the kind of hardcore runway statement
 that an LV affords, but you have a keen sense of fashion and know a Kors shoulder or snatch bag will be a harmonising accessory across multiple environments. 

The iconic MK Pink Sady bag offers a case in point: expertly constructed and large enough to carry a day’s necessities, it has a subtle chic appeal that could be utilised to match a more formal black dress or a pair of skinny jeans for an afternoon on the town – dynamism and refinement in one.

For a slightly freer feel, Michael Kors Kimberly Tote bags provide extra space and toned-down elegance that you might use on shopping trips or as an airport carry-on.

Michael Kors shoulder bags really bring the brand into its own in a series of prim designs that show those Saffiano leather imprints: the famous mellow blue shoulder bag, Charlotte beige or black, and alarming Ciara red shoulder bag offer striking and contrasting t
akes on a similar theme. These are premium handbags that – by design and vivid colour scheme – emphasise diversity and trendy fun.

Popular picks from Linvelles

Linvelles has a large selection of Michael Kors Bags from the premium Michael Kors range and trendier Michael Michael Kors line. We think, in terms of Michael Kors shoulder bags, the Charlotte Shoulder bag in chocolate brown and cream brown leather is a highly sophisticated accessory that works across timelines and occasions. While for a higher level of formality (and even formal work occasions), the Charlotte shoulder bag in black offers the same level of sophistication with a more serious edge.

For some serious fun, the Ciara Mellow Blue shoulder bag comes in a virtually synonymous colour with the brand new, whilst also providing a subtle nod to the French influences that help define Michael Kors’ aesthetic.

Michael Kors Tote bags offer the same craftsmanship level, with extra room for more expansive days in or out of town. We love the Kimberly Tote Bag for its chic asymmetrical design in cream and chocolate, embossed with the MK logo.

Michael Kors handbags venture into trendier territory with the Michael Michael Kors line. The Jade Fold Over is one of several shoulder bags in the range that offers chic simplicity (here in black leather with metal strap and latch) with a more modern edge.

The Lexington bag offers the kind of casual sophistication in deep cardinal red that brings to mind dusk and drinks before adventurous nights in Manhattan. Tassels with accentuated metal tabs and a slim golden zipper brings the mid-eighties back to life in a sleek package that suits any era.

Matching in its deep red colour getup but rather more robust in tone is the Mercer leather belted satchel that offers a slightly collegiate feel in clean boxed symmetry. The beauty of this – one of a line of smart tote bags in the Michael Kors range – is how it welds the simplicity of materials with a dynamic aesthetic. External and internal zipped and slipped pockets and standing proud on four metal studs, the Mercer also features elegant red handles and a removable shoulder strap.


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