Versace Jeans Couture Bags

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      Versace Jeans Couture Bags

      Versace Jeans Couture Bags

      Undoubtedly and unashamedly one of the biggest names in Italian [indeed world] fashion: Versace’s rise to the top of the international style tree has been – much like the clothes and accessories the brand produces – a phenomenon. The media-crowned ‘rock-star brand, Versacecan take a lot of credit for the rise of the supermodel era in the 90s and the now-ubiquitous paring of A-list celebrities with designer clothes for red carpet/red tape events. It’s this association that still separates Versace from the rest: fashion that is larger than life; adorned by the beautiful and desired - via the press and social media - by an adoring public.

      Founder Gianni Versace’s tragic death in 1997 even adds to the exaggerated myth of the brand; with sister Donatella Versace taking things to empower extremes since then. Elizabeth Hurley’s legendary black safety pin dress is an easy point of reference for the uninitiated, while Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, and Dua Lipa have also wowed in sensational garbs like Cindy and Christy used to.

      The impact is the name of the game, but a pair of Versace print jeans or a pink silk mini dress is also proving grounds in how to wear maximalist clothes. Away from the simply stunning Atelier Versace line, the conundrum might be solved by accepting that you’re never actually good enough for Versace. Beauty is not really the goal, but submission.

      Still for the adventurous and [already] beautiful there’s fun to be had making your body and Versace meet somewhere in the middle. Those black and print leggings are not a hundred miles from the wild print flourishes of sometimes Balmain collections, whilst most of the Versace Jeans line concedes that whilst Gen Z wants to be challenged, it can also shop elsewhere if the Jeans Couture look isn’t on-trend; hence a move towards softer streetwear and athleisure silhouettes.    

      History of Versace Jeans Couture


      Since its integration into the Versace staple under the creative guidance of both Gianni and Donatella, Versace Jeans Couture has become – for the young and beautiful – synonymous with a bold and exaggerated sense of luxurious status, often embellished with plush, baroque [and even tartan baroque] prints, rich colours, and the ‘seductive’ Medusa-head symbol.

      Surprisingly perhaps, this also passes muster – in fact, leads the charge – into the 21st century resplendent with post-modern references and a love of streetwear and rap culture. Just how has Versace managed to position itself atop both the couture and urban throne?

      Much of it is Versace’s own engineering; the idea of fashion as its own sensational reference point, with little need to acknowledge history or trend when quality and fabulous designs can be your calling card.

      It’s certainly about turned heads, while hip-hop (with its aspirational lyrics and worship of money and bling) make Versace Rodeo Drive a logical port of call. Michael Kors Holdings now controls operations at Versace, but don’t expect a move into more conservative leather goods any time soon. With Donatella still in creative control, expect nothing but lux to the max, with a slightly keener eye on what young mortals want to wear too.        

      Versace Jeans Bags

      As any aspirational but highly dedicated follower of fashion will attest to, for those without Versace-level funds but a lingering desire for Versace merchandise, two options [aside from the replica goods market] present themselves. Firstly, shop accessories: bags, watches and scarves are the first thing people will notice when you walk into a room. Secondly, shop the diffusion line. Thankfully, the Jeans Couturelook in bags [and clothes] is a fine example of segueing a more streetwear aesthetic [think gold hardware and resplendent baroque patterns] to the more expensive and finer couture line.

      This successful blending of uptown and downtown budgets is by no means a given in the world of fashion diffusion where the cheaper line frequently aims to copy its rich sister. Versace Jeans Couture bags are more about a street vibe, matching up for a wild night out or down for denim days, but are never anything less than from a Versace stable dedicated to making a quality style statement with a punch.

      Tote Bags

      The tote is not necessarily where you would start an exploration of a brand’s oeuvre, because luxury tote bags are, in effect, a spruced-up shopping bag. For many couture and diffusion brands, a tote is a pragmatic and rather plain [although sometimes colour-rich] support of a proper fashion statement.

      But Versace Jeans make some stunning totes. The black patent logo embossed tote refuses to be shamed by its polyurethane construction; in fact, it parades it with a proud polish as an act of post-modern artistic defiance. Even the embossed logo reads both subdued and loud, classy yet common.

      The tote bag with baroque print takes its cue from the main label’s current exploration of subdued neon on black plus Jeans Couture’s exploration of trippy bohemia via explosions of pattern, once again on a cosmic black base. For the purist, the regalia baroque print might always be gold on white or black. Indeed, for summer travails white is a luxury necessity, while black works well at restaurants or clubs.

      But the whole point of the Versace Couture Jeans line is diversification to the street where a plethora of urban and artistic influences merge in living colour. Still, for a more classical look, we love the black baroque scarf tote with suggestive hoops and loops leading us seductively round to Medusa’s deadly charms.

      Crossbody Bags

      You’re spoiled for choice with Versace Jeans Couture crossbody bags. Diffusion lines tend to do one of two things well: selection or quality. But with Versace, you can have the best of both worlds: a range of crossbodies from serious and demure, to high-lux finish, to fun and funky. The Versace ‘look’ endures plus these are quality constructed.

      None more so than the blue polyamide. Effectively a ‘clutch plus, it ticks all the essential brand boxes: bold, muscular, gold [hardware] and with the patent baroque ‘stile’. Versace love a matt blue finish and a non-gloss or quilted frontage is an Italian speciality. Elsewhere the quilted stud convertible brings a darker edge in black and gold.

      Jeans Couture tends to differ from the main brand in the elevation of the logo and name, while the hardware is similarly chunky. Medusa does feature [at least elliptically] in Jeans Couture bags where the buckle design is inspired by the hair [and full head] of a Versace leather product.

      And despite accusations of parading decadent materialism that has little interest in contemporary fashion moves, Versace is one of the more versatile purchases; you’ll find a crossbody like the black logo embossed multi-print a fine match with semi-casual [where the print design stands out] or casual [where it fits in] wardrobe. Overall, there’s a sense of irreverent fun matched with high quality and enduring finish.

      Shoulder Bags

      Where crossbody bags are a symbol of independent practicality, shoulder bags signal that your day [and your accompanying fashion statement] is a long-haul affair. The Versace Jeans patent logo embossed bag runs the night with the same elan as the boxier tote; the more conventional shape emphasizing the unconventional styling. Black is an uncompromising colour, but the gloss finish means you can match it with a pair of skinny black jeans and a faded t-shirt and let the textures work the contrast for you.

      This is not a shoulder bag to be carried formally because the logo draws too much attention to itself, but you can utilize it across multiple leisure items with a slim and baggy silhouette and even with sportswear.

      The buckle design shoulder bag is – thanks to the thick elasticated shoulder strap – a sportier accessory in the brand’s collection. The clutch styling of the main body produces a cuter silhouette, but chunky hardware and straps make this a functional number and a relatively conservative statement.

      Lastly [and back to that matt-blue effect] the studded shoulder/combo bag is a smart and sassy shopping/night-out addition. Just why does a muted azure work so well? Partly because it’s a relatively high impact colour that differs from the formal navy, summery sky, or even shocking red; with navy connections that bring it into the realm of the sensible yet leave it a textural step away from rough denim. Ultimately it’s really classy and matches really well with scarf or shoes in the same tone, a point not lost on the Versace main brand accessory department.


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