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      Valentino Garavani, one of the most prestigious and critically acclaimed fashion houses in the world, known not only for its extravagance but also for its incredible quality and trendsetting stylish pieces. This brand, as the kids say, "just does not miss" when creating a bag. Whether it be tote bags, a belt bag or shoulder bags, the brand always comes out with ranges that ut other designer brands to shame!

      Valentino Garavani, over the years, has made some fantastic bags like the Valentino Garavani rockstud bag range, which follows an almost gothic look while looking like a bag range that a rockstar and fashion nova can wear alike, things like that, the ability to make anyone look good is a feature of only the highest of brands like Dolce Gabbana, Off-White C O Virgil Abloh and Gucci Bags. 

      Thus it's easy to see why this fashion house is a global phenomenon within the industry; sophisticated styling, creative craftmanship and immersive quality is the best way to describe the bags that Valentino Garavani makes, and when it comes to them; there is just no messing about!

      We love the range of bags that Valentino Garavani has produced and have handpicked the absolute best for you; therefore are absolutely sure you'll find a bag just for you!


      Founded in Rome amid the swinging 60s when The Beatles were a household name, and Pink Floyd were becoming influential, the brand Valentino Garavani was launched by Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani. For years they grew to be known for their Valentino "Red" and soon for their bags.

      Although the introduction of bags did not come till later in the timeline, bags by the company were an instant boom, with prices ranging from £900 to £30,000; the brand only catered towards the wealthy Europeans who wanted to look sexy and unique at the same time. 

      One of the first of many elegant bags they created was the Valentino Garavani demilune small leather shoulder bag which stormed into the market and sold out quickly, which attributed to the hype of the brand not only made for expensive people but run by expensive people. 

      To this day, the Valentino Garavani brand produces great bags at high-end prices, with the most popular collection being the Valentino garavani rockstud small tote bag range and the Valentino garavani lock small leather shoulder bags that simply never go out of fashion.

      One cool thing we find is that Valentino Garavani is one of the only companies in the world owned by an actual government; contrary to what you may be thinking, they aren't owned by the Italian government by, in fact, the State of Qatar runs and owns the company through Mayhoola Investments. So, in fact, these Valentino Garavani bags are not only fashion royalty but are run but Royalty themselves.

      Thus if you want to feel rich, what better place to buy from than a company literally owned by Kings and Queens!

      Signature Designs

      Chain straps, woven bracelets and rockstuds are what one simply expects to see when buying a Valentino Garavani bags; the company holds dearly to its heritage, making sure all pieces fit exactly to the typical VLTN mould that has been around for decades. 

      A typical VLTN bag, like the Valentino Garavani chain bag, has a sturdy rectangular silhouette with golden studs that are symmetrically placed across or around the bag to add to the look. Pairing this with the gorgeous VLTN Valentino logo placed centre, and you have a perfect Valentino Bag. Just don't forget the golden chains; this stylish piece is always seen on their bags; whether it be a chain strap or a buckle connected to a body materialised over the strap, the metal look is always prominent.

      Valentino Garavani is always creating bags that are to awe over, and whether you are buying a Valentino Garavani camouflage bag 

      or a Valentino garavani the rockstud small textured-leather shoulder bag, you can expect a VLTN experience with the fashion pieces!

      The signature designs of Valentino Garavani are present on all their bags, and we are absolutely in love with all the elements they combine to create these great blends of luxury and modernism. Thus if your question is about the design, trust us, Valentino Garavani, know what they are doing!

      Buy now, Pay Later, Valentino Garavani Bags

      At Linvelles, we always have Valentino Garavani bag sales going on to make this luxurious brand more accessible to everyone, but if you are looking to buy a Valentino Garavani bag but don't want to spend too much money upfront; you are in luck because you can now Buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearly, Paypal Credit and Split It and pay off the bag in instalments ranging from 2 months all the way to 12 months for your ease of purchase!

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