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      Trust the British they say, and in their own words; this designer brand is "No Ordinary Designer Label" and with decades of exponential growth, it's easy to see why the fashion world awes at Ted Baker so much. When you buy Ted Baker bags or piece of their clothing this is one of the few brands that work on the what you see is what you get model, meaning the products are always going above and beyond to be so perfect a camera can capture them to the full extent; allowing customers to enjoys something they otherwise wouldn't have if it was a different brand.

      Ted Baker has such a vast range that you can theoretically build an entire outfit with just Ted Baker products from the top, Ted Baker glasses right down to Ted Baker shoes which is quite amazing to think that this relatively new and small British brand in the fashion world can create you something so wonderful and create your outfit. 

      Colour and design have always been a main focus for the company, allowing customers to feel ultra-unique with their fashion pieces, thus since the founding of the company: every collection contains an array of different colours that can woo customers effortlessly, from your light beiges in women coats to bright pinks in the pendents of Ted Baker necklaces and deep blues in maxi dresses. This brand has almost anything you could ever ask for from a premium designer fashion house.

      Ted Baker is one of the most popular designer brands for men and women at our store not only for the elegant design that goes into every product and its product information but also because of the brilliant high quality craftsmanship this London fashion house has shown and at Linvelles we've handpicked the absolute best from Ted Baker for you to fall in love with!

      The History of Ted Baker

      Ted Baker London is a brand that is named after a non-existent person, founded in a city far away from London, selling things most companies didn't care about. But to most, that's inconsistent, to us that just speaks volumes about a company that has grown from a small retailer to one of the UK's largest fashion houses and their determination to make it.

      Founded in Glasgow in the year 1988 by Ray Kelvin the brand opened its first store intending to be a dress shirt specialists and when the company was found, Mr Kelvin had the aim of making sure quality and experience was the main priority for his new brand and till this day you can see this occurrence in products like their Ted Baker handbags and shopper bags. After its founding, the brand blew up within a few years into the national market and a household name in the UK.

      After a few years of rapid growth, the brand expanded across the UK and based its main headquarters and stores in the UK, with the most famous being based in the world-renowned Covent Gardens where the brand began with selling Ted Baker coats, Ted Baker dresses and skater dresses

       for the fierce London market.

      Over the years the brand continue growing and starting being comparable to the likes of Burberry and Gucci from London and Milan as well, and with growth this much the brand was bound to be a huge deal in the Asian markets, and by 2007, Ted Baker launched stores in Hong Kong, Bangkok, three in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, two each in Dubai and Jakarta which is nothing but a remarkable feat for a small British fashion designer company. 

      One fact that most people don't know that we find quirkily funny is that Ted Baker is not a man, a family name or even a dead monarch; Ted Baker is a random name that came up in a conversation the founder Ray Kelvin had when thinking of names for his brand when he decided to make sure he wasn't the face of his own brand. This fact is something we find quite cool not only because it speaks about the modesty of Kelvin but also that to this day Ted Baker is thought to be an actual man the way Tommy Hilfiger was.

      Regardless of the discombobulating past, Ted Baker UK will forever win the hearts of the global fashion industry with modest and charming designs and a London vibe a lot of companies try hard to emulate.

      Signature Designs

      Ted Baker is a brand, like other UK Designer brands, that loves its signature designs, they can be seen literally everywhere and most commonly used in Ted Baker purses, shoulder bags and Ted Baker jewellery.

      One of the most prominent and beautiful signature design cues is the Ted Baker signature bow, the style bow you see on Mini Mouse made by Disney, this bow is one of the most instantly recognisable features of the cross body bags and tote bags, not only because of the bags and shoe sizes but also because the box acts as a cherry on top to an elegantly styled bag, shoe or dress made by Ted Baker.

      Another very exquisite feature of Ted Baker's collection is the logo itself written in white or gold. The Futura Medium font logo spelling out "TED BAKER" sites directly centre of the entire of products like ted baker perfumes, bags and ted baker trainers to let everyone know that you are in fact wearing a fashion piece made by the most prestigious fashion house form the UK. This logo is so common that it's become a staple of UK fashion life, from head to toe; fashionistas from Europe and Asia are draped in clothing that has the beautiful Signature logo shining bright and centre.

      Ted Baker enjoys making sure that their products are easily identifiable among other brands, and the style cues above can help you recognise a Ted Baker fashion piece from a crowd of unoriginal competitor brands!

      Buy now, pay later Ted Baker.

      We have Ted Baker sale outlets going on year-round but if you are looking to buy a gorgeous fashion piece made by Ted Baker but don't want to pay too much money upfront, you can Buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit and SPlit It which allow you to split the cost into instalments ranging from 2 months all the way to 12 months for your ease of purchase.

      At Linvelles we pride ourselves in making sure you have the best and most satisfying customer experience from the second you entire our store to the moment you get your item, thus if you have any questions feel free to email: customerserice@linvelles.com for any questions you may have.

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