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      From a brand that needs no introduction, the Michael Kors shoulder bags range is one of the most spectacular ranges that have been produced by the brand. With immense attention to detail and an excellent eye for luxury, Michael Kors has not only exceeded expectation but has gone above and beyond to make sure this range is perfect.

      Michael Kors has for decades been the American king of fashion; year after year creating bags that woo customers at first sight, from their beautifully polished top handle to their textured leather raven large tote bags but the one bag type that has always stood as the king of the hill in terms of Michael Kors is the gorgeous sizeable pebbled leather shoulder bag range, every line is planned, every curve is lovely. Every corner is crafted to perfection; it is as if Michael Kors has a site map for each and every shoulder bag they make.

      At Linvelles, what we find so remarkable about Michael Kors' shoulder bag collection is that every bag is vastly different to the next, and with that comes what customers love best about this company is that they don't need to ask for what should be made, Michael Kors simply makes the shoulder bag. The customer falls in love without a doubt in their minds. That is what makes Michael Kors great, the plan immensely and create beautiful shoulder bags the customer didn't even know they wanted, but when they do see it, they are instantly in love.

      It's tough to put a price on this collection, not because it's worthless but rather the polar opposite; the company churns out new and more excellent bags each year without fail; so lovely that higher-end companies begin to copy and plant their own logos on top, for that reason trying to put a price on these bags is excruciatingly tough. Still, we as customers are in luck that each bag is sold at a bargain of a price. Thus, there is no surprise that this collection sells so rapidly.

      We love the Michael Kors Shoulder Bag range at Linvelles and are confident you will too; it's time to discuss the history of this prestigious companies bag range...


      The shoulder bag range was created in the early 90s when the company had just got their foot in the ground of the fashion industry and was looking to create a complimentary style accessory that could go with their stunning outfits; the tote bag design was too big, and the crossbody bag style was too flamboyant; thus naturally the shoulder bag was the perfect go-to, the bags were large but not too large, and the thing they did best was uphold the glorious name and logo we love "MICHAEL KORS", the company instantly set out to create a base design and a few months later the final piece was an elegant yet chic Michael Kors large shoulder bag.

      When this design was shown to Michael David Kors at the workshop, he was instantly stunned at what the designers had created, and it was a masterpiece. With glistening eyes and his jaws dropped, Mr Kors instantly pushed the bags into production, and since then, the company has been forever churning out the best designs in the industry.


      Michael Kors never fails to impress customers with the incredible design of their bags, from all-over MK prints to large pebbled leather shoulder bags; these guys have an impressive designing team that creates beautiful pieces.

      The typical shoulder bag by Michael Kors has an easy over the shoulder feel with a large body that can hold just about all your belongings inside paired with the signature MK logo surrounded by a gold-tone ring that incases the logo perfectly. 

      Designing of the bags varies heavily depending on if you are buying a Michael kors small shoulder bag or Michael kors Miranda large shoulder bag, but here is a short summary of the two independent looks:

      The smaller shoulder bags tend to have the all-over MK print and a large gold-tone metal strap that hangs around your shoulder to allow the bag to compliment your outfit without taking too much attention to it, but where there is no doubt is that the bag will definitely get you hundreds of compliments because of how gorgeous the bag itself is.

      The larger shoulder bags tend to have a vast amount of space with an open-top design to allow for easy access to the things inside. This bag is created to start close to your body hence a double shoulder straps design and sizeable rectangular mode with the MK logo sitting either at the top in the lovely Calson 540 font or written all over the bag.

      Whichever size of bag you are looking for, whether you are looking for a Michael kors black shoulder bag or Michael kors brown shoulder bag, you won't have to worry about the design because we can assure you that Michael Kors never fails. To create the absolute best!


      When the material of the bag is in question, Michael Kors is one of the few brands that don't cheap out on making the best bag; as we've discussed, the design department does a brilliant job every time, but the lesser-known materials department does just as a fine of a job as always, with the main material used across this collection being genuine saffiano leather from Italy or luscious American Leather from their workshops; the company tends to make sure that every single detail of the bag; including materials is up to steam.

      Continuing the high-quality materials trends, we see the company blend in the leather with golden stainless steel straps, chains and keychains to act as a cherry on top of a genuinely gorgeous shoulder bag.

      If materials are a worry, you simply do not have to even give the bag a second thought because when purchasing a Michael Kors shoulder bag, you are getting the absolute best!

      Popular Picks at Linvelles


      This bag is one of the more beautiful Shoulder bags Michael Kors Makes. If not, it is the Michael Kors' Signature Shoulder Bag, with a perfect blend of colours and materials; this bag has a large over flap folded over on top of a contrasting coloured leather pouch which itself sits directly on top of the body itself; this clutch bag style bag typically has an all-over "MK" print that compliments the design of the bag and lets everyone know you are sporting one of the worlds most beloved brand. Pair this with an elegant gold-tone chain strap, and the bag creates an enormous sense of luxury without being too in your face. At Linvelles, this is one of our most favourite models and if you are interested in checking this gorgeous bag out, click here.


      Another trendy shoulder bag in this range is the Michael Kors Jet Set Shoulder Bag; created with the travelling lady in mind, this bag has an open-top design and a tremendous amount of space within, this is paired up with the well known "MK" logo printed all over the bag and again with a gold-tone strap paired with an overhanging keychain style "MK" logo ring next to the strap. This bag is unbelievably breathtaking, and if you want to check it out, just click here.


      A bag designed for the working woman, this perfect combination of curves and colours. The bag has a rectangular body with a curved silhouette towards the bottom, slightly aligned with the profile of a saddle pouch. PAir that with a strap made from Italy's saffiano leather, and you have a bag that is an understated yet stunning bag; if you want to check out this truly fantastic bag, click here.


      This extravagant bag is one of the most sought designs Michael Kors has created, not only because of the striking design but also the natural curvature the bag follows, similar to the MICHAEL KORS CROSBY PEBBLE LEATHER SHOULDER BAG. The bag is made of Faux Snake Skin that is symmetrically aligned across the bag and an over-hanging strap that builds from a rectangular shape to a point at the top. These bags are absolutely stunning, and it's easy to see why they are sold out everywhere!


      The larger version of the aforementioned Jet Set bag, this bag is also catered to the travelling audience, created to put all your carry-ons all in one place. This bag is built similarly to the MICHAEL KORS HAMILTON SHOULDER BAG with a large opening and a vast amount of space inside. Along with this utilitarian style form, the bag has a blushingly obvious "MICHAEL KORS" logo written across the top and the signature keychain style MK logo hanging from the strap. We love this bag and recommend it to the working or travelling woman. To view, it clicks here.


      The MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS RAVEN LOGO LARGE SHOULDER BAG BROWN is one of the most famous bags made by the brand; with the signature large dual straps and a curved rectangular shape, the bag is a cross-breed between a handbag and shoulder bag and the Michael Kors logo sits at the bottom centre which is different to most pocketbooks. Still, it only makes this bag 10x more extraordinary to see MK think outside the box or at the bottom of the box *facepalm*. If you want to check out this eloquent bag, click here.


      Quite similar to the Jade bag, the MICHAEL KORS GOLD CHAIN SHOULDER BAG is a lesser-known bag that has just as much prestige. The bag consists of the same flap over on top of a pouch that is planted on the bag's body; the only difference between this and the JAde is that this bag is typically made up of a solid colour and follows a slightly different silhouette. This bag is gorgeous outside the box look for Michael Kors and if you want to see it, click here.

      Other great picks that we think you might love is the: 






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