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      A bit about how Love Moschino was Born

      Moschino was founded in 1983, a genuinely unforgettable year in which the brand's first real collection debuted, ushering in the brand's history and the fashion of the 1980s: a rebellious and distinguishing characteristic gave the brand a distinct identity.

      Franco Moschino, born in Abbiategrasso in 1950, enrolled at the Milan Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 17 with the ambition of becoming a painter, which is not surprising given the prints and colours used in the brand's collections.

      Franco started doing small jobs, such as freelance illustrator for magazines, in order to pay for his studies.

      Moschino launched its first women's line in 1983, followed by a men's line a year later; in 1986, the brand launched Moschino Jeans, and in 1987, the brand launched its first women's fragrance.

      Franco Moschino was known for constantly reinventing himself, both in life and in fashion. It has given life to an entirely novel way of understanding fashion and woman from collection to collection, year to year, among vivid, printed dresses and paintings of various images than those found in all other fashion houses.

      Moschino suggested ironic versions of Chanel suits, accessories made of inexpensive but willfully flashy and exaggerated materials, skirts sewn from recycled businessmen's ties, and much more in an irreverent and imaginative vein.

      As a result, the Cheap and Chic line for men and women emerged shortly after, conquering the market in 1989. In the same years, they opened their first stores in Italy and launched an ecology campaign based on respect for nature and animals, with the motto "Nature is better than couture."

      Love Moschino was founded in 2008, portrayed as a playful, colourful, and super chic sub-brand of the main brand. Designed for men and women (as well as a children's line) who like to defy dress codes and develop their own unique and unconventional style.

      As a result, Love Moschino preserves all of Moschino's imaginative, clever, and ironic characteristics while also incorporating all of the values of "love": empathy and emotion. A globally recognized, universally positive word that appears to breathe new life into a brand that was already well-known and respected.

      What distinguishes it from others? Pop art prints, golden chains, maxi lettering, and bright colours are all featured. The ironic, startling, and irreverent style that Jeremy Scott's creative genius brought to life to its full potential.

      The Love Moschino line is much less expensive than the Moschino couture line, allowing anyone to wear the vivid and iconic brand's creations.

      Because of the omnipresent heart symbol on fabrics and accessories, this brand is well suited to the spirit of Valentine's Day.

      Love Moschino Sale

      Cheaper than it already is, at Linvelles we hold a year-round sale for our Love Moschino goods, up to 60% off.

      Starting with our Love Moschino Bags:

      The Love Moschino Red Quilted Crossbody bag is truly a fan favourite, remarked for its diamond quilted pattern across the bag, complemented with gold-toned chain straps. A perfect weekend bag that goes with almost any outfit, Large enough to fit in all your essentials.

      The Circle detail taupe shoulder bag is crafted with a circular body and fitted with golden-toned accents that achieve a plush look. Containing a removable shoulder strap that is also adjustable. Save 16% off when shopping at Linvelles, as a fair price of £150 for a fair bag; 30 days return policy.

      The Black quilted purse from Love Moschino is a perfect gift for Valentines, covered in diamond quilts along with a gloss effect. Branded with a golden plaque Love Moschino logo and a gold-toned zip to make sure your coins don't fall out!

      Our Love Moschino Shoes

      At Linvelles we have many Love Moschino cheap trainers, starting with the loved Logo sock trainer in red. Closely compared to Balenciaga's Speed Trainers, it is a much more cost-effective pathway for the sock trainer look.

      The Love Moschino Monogram mesh and suede trainers are also a fancy pick, inspired by nikes loafers. It contains a logo strap by the heels for extra style and is crafted with a thick soft sole for utmost comfort.

      Love Moschino women's logo strap trainers are closely compared to Nikes Air Force 1, its safe to say Love Moschino recreates already loved shoes and adds their playful attributes, and it works! the log strap trainers in black are a fan favourite for their plain looks followed by a cheap price.

      At Linvelles, we are proud to offer Love Moschino UK a 30 day return period, enough time to decide whether or not you have fallen in love with your addition to your bag collection.

      What Materials does Love Moschino use? 

      On most bags, Love Moschino take pride in acknowledging their use of 100% vegan materials; including Polyurethane which is used to imitate leather.

      In the laboratory in the 1930s, German chemist Bayer Otto Georg Wilhelm synthesized a new polymer called polyurethane. It turned out to be a material with a wide range of uses, and industrial production began in Germany shortly after. Such items are now commonly used in a variety of industries and in daily life. Sewing bags is one of these applications.

      A new type of polyurethane known as PU 100 has recently become available. It's referred to as polyurethane 100 or by this moniker on product packaging. It's often referred to as "eco-leather."

      In fact, this is a fantastic impersonation. The bottom layer is authentic leather, but with defects and tears, and a layer of polyurethane is applied on top, which is indistinguishable from costly natural raw materials in appearance. Increased elasticity, strength, softness, frost resistance, and damp resistance are all advantages of PU-leather.

      Famous designers like Love Moschino are inspired by this stuff to make designer bag collections. PU leather is used by global accessory makers to sew trendy and elegant handbags that are more realistic than natural materials and look fantastic. This makes Love Moschino bags so stylish and complimented with 'vegan luxury'

      How do you take care of a Love Moschino Bag made from Polyurethane?

      Synthetic materials do not require the same level of care as natural materials. Everything is a lot easier here. Polyurethane is a low-maintenance material that only requires attention on a regular basis.

      Surface contamination - if liquids such as tea, coffee, juice, or milk spill on the bag, or melted ice cream seeps in, simply clean the area with a wet rag, then dry it;

      Complex stains are removed with ammonia or a solution of technological or medical alcohol and water in a 1: 1 ratio, in the same manner the bag is cleaned of dust and other fresh contaminants. Because the material is synthetic, it does not fear dehydration and drying out like skin does; old stains of organic origin can be removed.

      Love Moschino Buy Now Pay Later

      Buy Now Pay Later on all Love Moschino products at Livnelles, using Klarna, Clearpay, Splitit or Paypal Credit. Select your wanted payment method at checkout, you will then be redirected to their website to take a small assessment so the payment system can set you a budget.

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