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      From the brand that was created to revolutionise the way players would compete and move around on the Tennis court; in this collection, you'll find dozens of stylish and trendy pieces that not only are comfortable to wear but also beautifully crafted to perfection.

      Lacoste has an array of popular products that instantly woo customers like their bags and Mens Lacoste Trainers but what they are so well known for are their brilliantly designed Polo Shirts. From bright pink to light blue and deep greens; this brand has Lacoste tops in every colourway you could possibly want to stand out in a crowd of unnoticeable clothing.

      High quality and intense attention to detail; Lacoste prioritises making sure their products have the best materials gone in to make elegant men and womenswear that can allow a customer to feel comfortable wherever they are; thus quality is the main priority.

      Lacoste UK has grown to become one of the worlds oldest and most desirable brands, not only being worn by sportsmen but also by the fashion elite who are looking to feel good while looking their best. Thus, with nearly a hundred years in the fashion industry, Lacoste has stood the test of time as one of the most prestigious brands to come out of France; comparable to the likes of Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren. And as one of the European fashion powerhouses, this brand never fails to turn heads wherever you go.


      Lacoste was founded in 1933 by René Lacoste and André Gillier‎ with an aim to bring change within the Tennis industry and the clothing that players wore when competing, previously, players would wear thick, heavy and flex-less smart casual clothing that would feel uncomfortable to the skin and irritating after playing for a while. With the founding of Lacoste all that was about to change. 

      René Lacoste started producing flexible and lightweight shirts made of “petit piqué” cotton that would allow players to move around comfortably and with ease. With that, the brand saw rapid success among sportsmen and tennis players and pretty soon if you weren't wearing a Lacoste polo shirt you were simply missing out on much-needed clothing to function.

      Through intense branding and years of being known for their revolutionary fashion pieces, ranges like Lacoste jackets and tracksuits have gained popularity among the middle and high-class elite thus making it one of the most extraordinarily branded companies in the world and what better base to grow your business on than the foundations of an invention.

      A little know fact is that Lacoste was actually one of the first, if not first brand to include a logo on their products; prior to this, it was frowned upon to do such a thing but with the revolution that Lacoste bought within the shirt industry they felt the need to brand their goods as it was only right to show off an accomplishment of a shirt company.

      Soon after the popularity of their shirts, the company began to expand their product range with the introduction of products like artist Romeo Lacoste bags and Lacoste shoes which saw the brand reach new heights among the fashion worlds elite. Pretty soon other brands followed in their footsteps with quality and branding but nobody could hold a candle to Lacoste, with the like of Gucci just about reaching the level of prestige that Lacoste achieved.

      And to this day, if you wear a fashion piece with the green crocodile, you not only look expensive but feel expensive! Thus if you want to wear a fashion item that speaks volumes about your style and taste; Lacoste is the premium brand for you.

      Signature Designs

      Lacoste is a French fashion house that follows a strict contemporary look that has stood the test of time through all trends; and split into two different sections, the sports and the mainline; here are the signature design cues this brand follows no matter the year.

      Solid colours, this is a design cue that seems and should be simple and thus it is. Lacoste is known for not putting any extra unnecessary designs that most other brands include. Whether it's the Lacoste shirt, bag or accessory; this fashion house is known for using solid light colours like Light pink and bright whites without anything other than the recognisable crocodile site on the top left.

      Another design cue is the crocodile itself, this design was inspired by a bet between a coach and his tennis prodigy over a "crocodile suitcase". What is usually unnoticed is how interchangeable the brands animal actually is from Aligator to crocodile and sometimes lizard. Regardless of what you think the animal is, what you know is that the green modern dinosaur with an open red mouth belongs to the great brand, Lacoste.

      Collars, This is only applicable to their tops but a common design cue that can be seen in clothing made Lacoste is collared, whether you are wearing a t-shirt or a bomber jacket, putting a fold-over collar is something this fashion-house has built into the design cues that they still included within the Los Angeles, California dream tattoo artist.

      And so, those are the signature designs that Lacoste has throughout their product range that can help you tell a Lacoste product apart from the huge sea of plain jane brands.

      Buy now, Pay Later with Lacoste

      We have Lacoste sales going on year-round but if you looking for a fashion piece from Lacoste but don't want to pay too much money upfront; you can buy now, pay late r with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit or Split It. Allowing you to split that cost up into instalments ranging from 2 months all the way to 12 months for your ease of purchase.

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