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      An invention from 17th centuries these bags were initially created to carry tools and made from wool but have evolved to the modern day to being made of Nylon or leather.


      Holdalls for Men have become a vastly changed style used in movies often to hold stacks of cash. The designs correlate to this persona, with Gucci creating all over GG logo bags like the Ophidia GG Large Duffel Bag which looks like something only a mafia boss or rapper would hold!

      Other designs for Holdalls are the dark background and one beautiful logo in front and centre of the bag to flaunt the designer brand you are carrying, with a great example of this being the Canvas Duffle Bag by Ralph Lauren.


      These Holdalls are usually seen in the same size range, with the largest of them being 60cm in length by 20cm, this is the optimal size to carry anything from sports kits to make up; these bags can be used for just about anything.

      Holdalls/Duffel Bags are a bag type that has been sought after for the incredibly forward-thinking designs and uses for them, and at Linvelles, we have the best of them!

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