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      One of the kings of high-class fashion, Balmain Paris has lead the way for all fashion houses to creating exclusive and extravagant designs. Leading to a revolution in how people wear their clothes, from catwalk to workplace you won't have to worry about looking good because anything with the Balmain logo will instantly impress and turn heads.

      From Balmain t-shirts to Balmain glasses, you can walk in confidence wherever you are knowing that you are sporting one of the most instantly recognisable and luscious brands in the world. And with a diverse outlook onto the fashion universe the range from this fashion house varies so much, it's a surprise not to see the brand in the wardrobe of a fashionista!

      In this range, we have dozens of options for you to choose from with fashion pieces like the Balmain concept football shirts, dubbed Balmain PSG or stunning classic crew neckline tops that maintain the striking logo front and centre; we have all you could want from this unbelievable brand.

      Catering across the world in places like the far east all the way to the fashion centre, Paris, in the west this globally critically acclaimed brand is the absolute highest in the eye of people into fashion and even pedestrians. Pair your Balmain attire with a Ferrari and you'll be known as a "baller". 

      Thus if you want tier 1 fashion, clothing or bags that will instantly turn heads and bring attention to you, a feeling of confidence when you walk around wherever you are; Balmain is the fashion house made for you.


      Founded in Paris nearly a decade after the second world war by designer and veteran Pierre Balmain; the company began selling dresses for celebrities and the top class of Europe. Pierre saw instant success in this craft of his and had a history previous to the war in dressmaking when he worked for Edward Molyneux in England. After the war, he began work for designer Lucien Lelong and it was here he met Christian Dior who were titans of the industry and from their his contact base grew rapidly. When he started his own company in 1947 his aim was to go directly into his contact base and entice the rich women of France and Europe to buy his new designs.

      His first designs were known to be luxurious everywhere from materials to designs and this created a rapid increase in demand within the high class as they were looking for newer; more sculptured designs when entering into the 1950s. This was when Balmain began to blow up and increase in size exponentially; with continuous growth, the fashion house soon began to take the world by storm and became a household name within the rich and poor of the time.

      With heritage and roots in Paris and contacts in Italy; the company outshone nearly every designer brand in the world and with the help of Pierre Balmain's close friend Gertrude stein the company gained notoriety in the books made by Gertrude and media contacts across the journalist world, helping the stamping of its name in the books of the fashion world.

      After seeing much success in the dresses world he expanded his range; going into the likes of Balmain jeans and Balmain blazer to cater for the men's market. With his casual and formal ranges set; the company only grew further and further to the point where they had to expand even more into the perfume market, selling his fragrances like Jolie Madame.

      From the most extravagant pieces to the outright stunning dresses and Balmain bags to pair with this company has flourished into one of the world largest fashion houses. But the story does not stop there... Enter football/soccer, with the brand sponsorship they created the PSG Balmain top for the 2020/21 Paris Saint Germain x Balmain concept crew neckline and short sleeves this regular cut tee is finished with swoosh branding to the chest creating an almost perfect blend of the history of Paris and Balmain while maintaining a fashion-forward outlook onto the Football world.

      Today with dozens of stores across the world and a firm stronghold on nearly every sector of the industry; the place of Balmain is secured in the history books forever; thus if you want a cool and fashion-forward brand with an extensive past; Balmain is the fashion house for you.

      Popular Picks

      This fashion house has grown from a high-class brand selling dresses to a fashion-forward brand that sets trends; thus it's no surprise the most popular items at Balmain are fashion pieces like shirts and hoodies:

      Balmain Jumpers:

      Balmain has always been a brand about showing off the name, thus with that came the Balmain Jumper; these fashion clothing pieces are known for their big brash logo going across the chest; shouting out the name of the fashion house to all that can see; we love this product type and are sure you will too!

      Balmain Hoodies and Balmain T-shirts men's:

      With great design comes great quality and nothing beats this fashion house at that. With the logs spread across the enter clothing pieces and comfort unlike any other; this company simply stuns and entices anyone looking to buy or on the street turning heads.

      Buy now, pay later with Balmain

      We have Balmain Sales going on year-round but if you want to buy a fashion piece from this brand without paying too much upfront, you can buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit and Split It and split the cost up into instalments ranging from 2 months all the way to 12 months for your ease of purchase at Linvelles!

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