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      Created for the sake of making things easily accessible, Top-handle bags combine ease of use and style into one perfect blend. From brands like Gucci and Prada, you can look good and feel like a high society member all without spending tens of thousands!

      Top handle bags are a go-to for the average customer as they have a forward-thinking element to them which is unmatched by any other bag type; this element is the element of space. Weird to think that you can buy a Burberry Pocket bag and fit everything literally in your house inside that bag. With accessibility and creativity, designer brands never fail to impress us when crafted such pieces, and there is no doubt they are absolutely amazing!

      As mentioned above, brands like to get creative with their designs and Prada is a perfect example of this, these guys create brilliant patterns and a perfect blend of gold to make a bag that looks so elegant it's just lovely to look at. Bags like the Diagramme Leather Shoulder Bag are timeless pieces that you could wear for 50 years, and the bg would look as beautiful as the day you bought it.

      Other instances of top handle bags for women with great designs is the Gucci Ophidia GG Medium Tote bags; these bags uphold the traditional design of an open-top two handles coming out from the sides which is a design the world has come to love, a combination of brand style and accessibility is what makes this bag so perfect.

      As you probably know, Top-handle bags come in most leather all round, and this is because when holding the loads you want them, not to rip thus designer brands craft most of them in leather allowing for durability!

      What Designers never fail to involve is the touch of luxury with their colours, gold is a go-to for them; Gold logos, gold chains anything flashy is the best way to style the bag!

      As a whole we love Top Handle bags at Linvelles, and we have no doubt you'll love ours!

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