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      Often the second largest of the bag types, only exceeded by Designer Backpacks. Shoulder bags are the most attractive out of the bag type ranges not only because of their sizes but also the designs that have been made for them. With the vast amount of space, designers must get creative, and they've done extraordinarily brilliant at that.

      First thought up in the time of the suffragette movement in the 1910s, Shoulder bags have not only history involving powerful women but also have the power to make a woman feel powerful herself just by wearing one.



      From the largest brands in the world such as Burberry and Gucci, these bags come in many designs such as the Ophidia designs by Gucci which are elegant to the TB prints by Burberry that showcase the talent Burberry designers have. Shoulder bags for women are a style piece which is undoubtedly the top tier!

      Sizes and Materials

      Designer Shoulder bags for women are often made out of leather as it is one of the more durable materials that has to be used when creating a bag created to carry many things at once. A great example of this is the Shoulder bags designed by Burberry which have been made using leather with beautiful check stitching.

      Shoulder bags are usually one level higher than clutch bags and cross body bags, which are on average 30cm in width and 20cm in height.

      The world has come to adore shoulder bags not only because of the designs they have but also because of how unbelievably useful they are when carrying things in style, at Linvelles you can shop through the largest brands like Gucci, Saint Laurent and Burberry and don't worry about the cost because we have you covered with Buy now, pay later!

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