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      Versace is a company that is not only luxurious but also extravagant; with creative styling and elusive looks, the fashion house has grown to become a top tier brand and a household name, synonymous with prestige and expensiveness. Whether it is on the red carpet or on the high street, wearing anything from Versace t-shirts, shoes, and anything with the medusa signature Versace logo will instantly get heads turning and people awing.  

      Straight out of the worlds fashion powerhouse, Milan the company started off as a designer brand selling luxury handmade ready-to-wear pieces and accessories for the high-class Italian millionaire playboys with products like jewellery and the always beautiful Versace scarf range being the first products they set their eyes on creating.

      In this extravagant range, we have everything you could possibly want from this amazing brand, from bright pink Versace Jeans Couture bags to bright white Perfume designed T-Shirts for men that give you a sense of freedom to feel unique. Versace is a brand that never stops producing newer and sexier clothing, bags and accessories for Europe and America's finest fashion elite who want to stun wherever they go.

      Thus if you are looking for a brand that can turn heads, Versace is the one for you! Onto the history of this eloquent brand...


      Having founded his company in 1978, Gianni Versace opened his first store in Milan, Italy where the store began to sell luxury off-the-peg clothes and leather goods to be sold and worn across Milan.

      It did not take long for Versace to become popular and by the 80s when the true luxury lifestyle and wedged-shaped cars were becoming the new trend, the Medusa head on every t-shirt and Shorts was just a part of the look. 

      With the first range of products being an international success, Gianni Versace almost instantly rolled out his ready-to-wear fashion pieces to the red carpet, giving every celebrity he saw something made by his company. From Versace swim shorts that the summertime millionaire starts could wear for a simple stroll on the beach or in a swimming pool full of women too beautiful and elegant Versace jewelry on the wrist, neck and fingers of all pop stars.

      Some celebrities who absolutely loved Gianni Versace and his exclusive brands were Elton John and Naomi Campbell, and to this day it is hard to find a celebrity not sporting the brand from Versace Slides on Drake's feet to bracelets by the fashion house on the wrist of Angelina Jolie, Versace is just everywhere.

      Over the past 40 or so year, we've seen this luxury fashion house take over the world and whether it is with scandal or design piece, Versace is always in the eyes of the public for one reason or another

      Signature Designs

      Decadently wrapped in robes, shorts and slides sitting beside a swimming pool in Los Angeles; that's the signature Versace look when you imagine the brand, a hot summer sunny day comes to mind with pure white clothing on and bright 90s styling everywhere, Gold and White from head to toe. 

      When creating these style pieces this fashion house has many style cues that they follow and with an exceptional amount of care invested into every single detail, Versacw really does not mess about when trying to build something each and every client/customer would want to buy.

      A great example of their signature designing would be the world-renowned Greek Goddess Medusa who fills up the circular emblem of the brand, with the goddess' head striking a slight grin sitting within a Greek-style pattern of zig zags circling her. This emblem for the company is one of the biggest selling points as it combines history and mythology with style and forwards looking taste of luxury as when you imagine Greece and Great gods you imagine white marble palaces with gods bathed in silk sitting relaxed on a warm day.

      Another signature design that never fails to show up in their goods is the word "VERSACE" that has a nice ring to it, written in Radiant RR Bold font across the clothes, bag and accessories to make sure everyone knows that you are in fact wearing Versace

      Signature designing by Versace is always very plush and so if you are after clothes that make you feel like a greek god a Versace dressing gown may just be perfect for you

      Popular Categories

      Below are some of the most popular and best-selling ranges that we can guarantee that you will adore:

      Versace Bags

      If you are looking for something a bit different, the bags collection by Versace is absolutely amazing, with a vast amount of colours and designs we've got all the bags you could possibly want from bag types like Versace backpack to clutches and handbags all in one place!

      Versace Clothes

      Clothing by this brand is such a broad category but what stands to be true is that the brand simply never puts their guard gown with their clothing, from extravagant designs to exclusive looks and immense attention to detail, if you wear clothes to feel and look unique, this is the brand for you! From Versace sweatshirts to Versace coats the brand has all you could possibly want at Linvelles!

      Versace Underwear

      A rather unexpected category but nonetheless so so popular among celebrities and the fashion elite, Versace underwear stands to be one of their best selling ranges not only because of the undeniable comfort but the design that they have!

      At Linvelles we have dozens, if not hundreds of fashion pieces by this luxurious brand we've all come to love and if you are looking for a bags, accessory or something to wear, we've got you covered!

      Buy now, pay later Versace

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