Saint Laurent Lou Lou Bags

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      Saint Laurent Lou Lou Bags


      Saint Laurent released the Lou bags as a competitor to the symbolic GG Marmont bag. They are both quite similar because they use soft matelasse leather which gives the plush quilted effect. The metal YSL Logo in the centre empowers the bags luxury.

      Saint Laurent Lou Bag Size and Dimensions


      Saint Laurent offer several sizes for the Lou bag. For the ladies who don't carry much for their daily essentials, then the Saint Laurent Lou toy bag is perfect for you! Its petite yet luxury look turns heads. However, the Lou small bag has two straps with the ability to become a one strap wonder and worn as a crossbody bag rather than a shoulder bag.

      Saint Laurent Lou bag styles


      The YSL Lou camera bag is trendy for its petiteness look yet spacious interior; it will fit all your daily essentials with space to spare and a bag to stare. Its long thin strap will sit comfortably on your shoulder yet its quilted rectangular shape will lean softly on your body; A truly trendy style.

      The YSL Lou toy bag is known for its puffy look and its petiteness (hence the name toy); it almost looks welcoming. Its unique shape fits its style and looks extraordinarily lush and luxury. It is mainly the more expensive of the two kinds but the most luxury; with space, looks and feel.

      Saint Laurent Lou bag materials


      Saint Laurent are known for the quality of the bags they produce; as well as the luxury. Many of the LouLou bags are designed with soft matelasse leather just like the GG Marmont bags, but the LouLou bag stands out with its chevron pattern running front to the back of this lush product. 


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