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      Michael Kors Cross Body Bags, a range that has for so long been widely sought after for the incredible designs and versatile uses for the bags. This range is actually more recent compared to other bag types like shoulder bags or Tote bags, with its release more than two decades after the founding of Michael Kors in 1981; the company has always devoted its resources in making sure the bags styled in this range are always top-notch and with a premium feel.

      The colourways you can behold on this collection page are very vast with two recurring colours, these colours being a perfect look grey crossbody bag and a bright orange that whisks you away with that tone. Thus far, these bags are eloquent and elegant, being one of our favourites out of Michael Kors' range.

      The Crossbody bag at Michael Kors stands to be one of the most excellent collections at Linvelles, not only in design but also in size and price. The bags are a little bigger than the Shoulder bag counterparts but smaller than tote bags; placing this range at the sweet spot of what we like to call "handibility", you can easily hold or wear this bag without a worry in the world about if it is too big or too small for the outfit you are piecing together. This makes the bag absolutely perfect for a fashionista that is looking for something that compliments but doesn't take over the outfit they've created.

      Whether you are wearing this bag as part of your weekend bags collection or for school or office, this bag is great for anything.

      We love this range and have handpicked the best crossbody bags and handbags for you to surf through and are sure you'll fall in love with many, if not all of them!


      As mentioned, this bag type was released over two decades after Michael Kors' initial founding by Michael David Kors, who was an American fashion titan. Regardless of this late entry, the Michael Kors Crossbody bag range has always been an incredible success at runway shows and on the streets of New York and Los Angeles. When the company launched this bag in the UK, the market instantly devoured the companies bag range due to the bags being excellent in style and opulent in materials.

      After Michael Kors released the crossbody bag into the international fashion industry and the dust had settled; we could easily see that this bag type was going nowhere and till this day, it stand as a monumental feat to create something so attractive to customers anywhere in the world; whether you're in Tokyo or Malta, you are bound to see a gorgeous Michael Kors Crossbody bag on at least one person's shoulder. 

      With this vivid past of Crossbody bags at Michael Kors, it is easy to see why customers are so in love with this sexy bag type. For the past 30 years, Michael Kors has maintained a high level of respect within the fashion community because of their ultra-stylish looks and design, and to see that quality of craftmanship being passed onto this collection is not only remarkable but so attractive to all audiences interested in buying this bag type.

      The vast and vivid history of Michael Kors is something to awe at by customers and retailers alike; thus, whether you are buying for your sister, girlfriend, wife, mum or yourself; just know that Michael Kors is the place to go for eloquent luxury and premium taste; as a gift or for personal use. So if it is prestige and heritage you are after, you don't need to worry because Michael Kors has you in great hands.


      Onto designs, without a doubt in our minds, this is where the Michael Kors Crossbody bags collection stands out. From beautiful oranges to down-toned greys that still leave a lasting impact, the designing at Michael Kors has done an impeccable job in creating these bags, and we are totally in love!

      With the typical crossbody bag being rectangular in shape, these bags have a large amount of space and have enough surface area on the outside to allow the design team to get creative. 

      We often see the Michael Kors Crossbody bags have either of the following two logo designs planted at the centre: the first is the circular MK by Michael Michael Kors logo sitting dead-centre in all its glory. This logo design consists of a sizeable Combined MK with a circle going around the bag's proximity with the Michael Kors logo curved around the process and closed off by another ring placed on top. We've really not done justice in explaining the design of this logo but believe me, it looks so much better in real life and pictures than what I've just described.

      The other logo we see in the bags is the simple "MICHAEL KORS" logo written in capital letters across the top of the bag in a gold metal hue. This logo design fits the rather contemporary look Michael Kors sometimes goes for. But whichever format you prefer, we are sure you'll love the bags in this collection.

      In terms of straps, the crossbody bags typically have a sizeable overhanging strap that can sit on your shoulder; the strap's length generally is just over 100cm and made of the same material as the bag.

      We are in love with the design of these bags and are absolutely sure you will too! Now, onto Materials.


      In terms of Materials, Michael Kors never cheaps out. We see only one material that is on nearly every single bag, and it is the one and only authentic leather. As you can expect, this material is the real thing, so it will last you many years with enough care. 

      This material is widely used in the industry for the luscious feel the material has, coming from the best sources in the United States of America; this brand represents everything that great about the country it comes from and with that; they bring over to the international market incredible materials that actually last 20% longer than Italian leather. 

      The leather comes straight from Texas in the states and is known to be extremely durable, scratch-resistant and struggles to even tear. With these factors, you can carry these immense crossbody bags and have a clear understanding that they will not rip when you take them out, whether it is for a party or at the office. 

      Pair the leather with extremely resistant sterilised Stainless Steel which is used on the logo that is always relevant, and the zips that open the bag, and you have a crossbody bag that will last generations! The metal is mined from the United States as well and is cast in Stainless Steel within the Michael Kors factory.

      In terms of Materials, you can never go wrong buying a Michael Kors Crossbody bag because the fact is, they will last an eternity and will feel just as great in your hands ten years from the day you buy them, which hopefully today!

      With everything Michael Kors creates being sourced internally in the companies plants, if it is Materials you are worried about, you have nothing to worry about.

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      If you are looking to buy a beautiful Michael Kors Crossbody bag but don't want to spend too much money at once, you can buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit or even Split It; in instalments from 2 months, all the way to 12 bring the price on average down to £23 a month for ease of purchase.

      At Linvelles, we want to make your buying experience as easy, swift and satisfying as possible thus, if you need any help, feel free to contact our customer service on the chatbot at the bottom of your screen for further information about buying now, pay later or any other questions you may have.

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