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      Founded by father Vincenzo and renamed by his son Valentino, Mario had a humble beginning. Creating shoes for fashionable shoppers who wanted comfort and style. Soon after, though, they became more and more popular, thus launching their handbags and becoming an instant success!

      Valentino is a leading name in leather and a legendary manufacturer of shoes, accessories, and clothes, founded in 1952 in Naples. A new novel from Skira Editore tells the Valentino story, which dates back to the early 1900s.

      Through the end of the century, when top models added to the brand's fame and photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton cemented Mario Valentino's reputation and design philosophy as a true form of art, Mario Valentino's reputation and design philosophy were cemented as a true form of art by photographers like Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton.

      Valentino's rise from a small store in the heart of Naples to one of fashion's most well-known names is chronicled in this lavish book. The book includes 200 colour illustrations as well as valuable documents from Valentino's archives and vivid depictions of some of the most pivotal moments in fashion history.

      Mario Valentino is an exceptional journey that acknowledges the influence of Naples and Italy on the designer's work as well as his ongoing influence on fashion and design today. “We cannot speak of Mario Valentino's influence in the world of fashion, but of his firm's continuity in the Made in Italy global label,” writes its author, Dr Ornella Cirillo.

      “My principal objective was to come back to Mario Valentino the importance of his appointment originating from Naples, which was regarded a marginal city in the field of fashion,” she said when asked what motivated her to take on such a project.

      The number of documents uncovered, as well as collaborations with high-profile artists (Eula, Lopez, Alvedon Newton, Rubartelli ...) and stylists ( Paco Rabanne, Karl Lagerfeld, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Muriel Grateau, Claude Montana...), showed that Naples was truly at the centre of international fashion!”


      Popular at Linvelles

      Mario Valentino product is a trendy collection at Linvelles, with their absolute best ranges being Clutch bags and Crossbody bags. We make sure you have the best range to choose from and are sure you will find something just for you!


      Valentino by Mario Valentino Crossbody Bags

      We have two popular Mario Valentino crossbody bags black at Linvelles. Starting with the Gigante Crossbody bag; There's no surprise as to why this is such a popular crossbody bag. It's a unique shape, and its looks make it stand out as a bold bag.

      It has a snakeskin trim detail. At Linvelles, we offer 4 different colours for this lovely bag. A red snakeskin trim version, a light brown snakeskin trim version. Also grey snakeskin trim version and a lovely blue snakeskin trim version.

      It has magnetic fastening, so you don't need to worry about damaging the zip! It has one compartment with a total of 2 pockets, just enough to fit all your daily essentials! The main material used is Vegan material, straight vegan for all you animal lovers.

      Another popular crossbody bag from our Mario Valentino collection is the Fauno red crossbody bag. Such a beautiful piece of work by M Valentino; It has a distinctive small look, perfect for the trendy weekend bag. It's design consists of M Valentino's signature 'M' design quilted across the whole bag. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for some added custom abilities.

      You can't fail its rich red colour, with the gold plated 'VALENTINO' logo small across the bag's front. Flap bag along with the other golden hardware. It is constructed with 3 lined internal compartments along with one internal pocket.

      Straight out of Italy, this Mario Valentino Top Handle Bags collection is among our favourites not only because of the immense looks of the bags but also how understated yet elegant these bags are, most collections have extremely extravagant products, but if you are trying to look stylish without feeling brash, this range is the one for you!

      We have dozens of bags for you to scroll through, and we know for a fact, due to the great showpieces, that you will fall in love with most if not all the top handle bags by Mario Valentino we have, which is not to be confused with Valentino Garavani. 

      There are many different colourways for you to choose from; whether you are looking for a downplayed navy blue or an eye-catching lipstick red or even a summer vibes off-white coloured Valentino bag, there is definitely a bag to match your style.

      At Linvelles, we adore this collection of bags and are sure you'll find the perfect one for you.



      With honour and prestige, we present to you a brand that has for over 70 years been making a wide selection of bags such as tote bags and shoulder bags, but what is a more recent creation of theirs is the topper of the list the Top Handle Bag. This bag type is relatively new compared to other types, but not to worry, these bags are just as a great representation of our beloved Mario Valentino as other bag types.

      When initially released in the 90s, the Valentino by Mario Valentino Top-handle bags were all the craze, not only because of the folder like designs but also because of space; you can quite literally fit anything within the bag and have no worries about fitting more things because trust us; these top handle bags will carry it all.

      From the 90s and onwards, the bags are highly sought after pieces as one of the more recent yet incredible bags; whether you are carrying them as part of your work bag collection or weekend bags collection, these bags are able to width stand anything.

      Thus if it is prestigiousness you are after, the top handle bags range by Mario Valentino is just the range for you!



      Now, let's talk about the design. This topic is always the most interested to readers because of our detailed explanations about the range, but in this collections case; there is no need for immense detail because the recipe of creating the perfect Top Handle Bag is actually very simple, and Mario Valentino never fail to make sure customers get a simple yet perfect blend of ultra-fashion as well as accessibility.

      This recipe is the large rectangular body and short strap model. The basic Top Handle bag has a very large base, with the size reaching up to 35cm in width and height of 25cm; as you can tell, these bags are beasts. Along with this comes a gorgeous double overhanging strap that compliments that bag beautifully.

      The straps materials are typically made from authentic synthetic leather or polyurethane and sometimes are actually chain straps. But what stands to be clear as day in this bag model is that they are disproportional to the typical bag but look just as good and sometimes even better than other bag types. 

      To top it off, Mario Valentino adds a unique design piece; sometimes, it is zip zag stitching across the bag or even over and under large threads giving the bag a woven look. This design is slightly like a beautiful cherry on top of an already wonderful Top Handle bag.

      And so, designing of these bags is absolutely wonderful; when buying one of them you know, you are getting the best on the market!



      Typical Valentino by Mario Valentino Top Handle Bags are made of the best materials the company can source from Italy; this sometimes is different to what you might expect from a luxurious Italian Designer fashion house but rest assured these materials are used to make sure the bag is durable yet luscious. What is great but Mario Valentino is that they consider the materials they use just as much as the designing of the products themselves; here is just a couple of the elegant materials that are allocated to these bags:

      Polyurethane, this material is a less know synthetic fibre but what is brilliant about it is that it can withstand just about anything a customer throws at it, whether it be water, wine, weather or even a wolf. The material is a polymer made of carbamate link, which can withstand immense heat; unlike leather, these bags can be left in the sun or rain, and you just know the bag will be intact by the time you come back.

      Another material widely used is authentic synthetic leather; these materials are very similar to cow hyde, except the fabric will last much much longer than the leather itself; because of the use of this material, you can, on average, buy your bag with its stunning design for on average 10x less money with the bag lasting on average 2x longer.

      One of our more colourful collections with a broad variety of pieces to choose from, Valentino by Mario Valentino Crossbody Bags, is extravagant yet elegant, expressive yet subtle; in short, the bags Mario Valentino has produced in this range are absolutely stunning! 

      From gold-tone chain strap product details to signature Valentino by Mario Valentino branding, only bags Michael Kors bags can hold a candle to. This range is straight out of Italy with the most delicate designs with style crafted from premium materials and most upbeat modern fashionista looks in the entire industry. Mario Valentino bags, as mentioned in other collections, never fails to impress and woo and the Crossbody Bags range simply is one of the most luxurious of the lot.

      For over 50 years this company has been producing this range, and year after year something newer, more excellent and more opulent comes out, and as you can expect, the current line up is the best whether it's for casual occasions or to be used as a part of a weekend bags collection, we absolutely love this range and can guarantee you will as well. 


      Heritage is one of those topics that is so widely covered about Mario Valentino at Linvelles sometimes we wonder how much left is to cover, what is not mentioned, though, is that Mario Valentino has been producing cross body bags, shoulder bags and tote bags ever since its launch back in 1952 when the company was still based in Naples. In fact, it was actually one of the first bags created by the company; back then, the bags were relatively modest in design but still caught the eye of people in love with fashion from across Europe. 

      One of the older bags made by them is the Valentino by Mario Valentino Divina crossbody bag synthetic black women or the Mario Valentino Divina camera crossbody bag, which have stood the test of time as a generational bag that lasts you hundreds of years; although only time will tell if the bag you buy is still around in 2121, weirdly we are one hundred percent sure that it will be!

      If it is the heritage you are after, don't worry because this company has a colourful history and recognisable name even the least fashionable person will know!


      Onto the exciting part, the design at Mario Valentino is nothing but gorgeous with cross body bags standing high up at the top 3 ranges made by them. We have your bright reds, your navy blues, whites, greens, and so much more! 

      Typical Mario Valentino cross body bags have a curved body in the shape of a rectangle, these bags are made to be compact with a small form factor which is aided by the woven bracelets, and so these bags have a ton of space very much, and that's what has been achieved. The bags always either have a body material strap going across the top measuring at least 1 meter, or they have a chain strap in gold or white to act as a cherry on top of a luscious bag. 

      With Valentino by Mario, the Valentino logo stamped the dead centre of the bag or embossed into the material; the bags are never short of flaunting the gracious brand name that produces bags from Valentino by Mario Valentino branding!

      And so we've got design covered; when buying one of these bags, you just know it's going to be great.

      Materials - 

      Whether you're looking for a Valentino by Mario Valentino black crossbody bag with chain detail or a Mario Valentino camera crossbody jingle bag, or even a Valentino by Mario Valentino mandolino crossbody bag, what you must know is that all of them will be top quality! Valentino by Mario Valentino is one of the few rands the remains highly consistent with their materials and quality. Not only do the bags come in a couple of materials but rest assured they will last you are a long time due to the creative strength and durability.

      Canvas is a material usually seen on Gucci, bags Tory Burch bags or even bags off white c o Virgil but what people often forget is the practical craftsmanship that the Mario Valentino crossbody bag black have when using this material. Canvas is one of the few materials that not only looks good on its own but can be paired up in many styles; thus, if you're looking for a unique design, a bag like the VALENTINO BY MARIO VALENTINO GIGANTE SNAKESKIN CROSSBODY BAG with its studded embellishment.

      Another MAterial we see a lot is Polyurethane, used in every shape and form; this material is a lightweight material resembling snakeskin or leather that has the exceptional quality of being unable to wear out if you are getting a bag. With this material, just know it will last you decades!

      Buy now pay later with Valentino by Mario Valentino Crossbody Bags.

      If you are looking to get a crossbody bag made by Mario Valentino but do not want to spend a whole lot of money at Once, why not buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Split It and Paypal Credit. These payment systems allow you to split the cost of your payment into instalments ranging from 2 months all the way to 12 months so you can pay overtime! 

      What's great about purchasing with buy now, pay later is that you don't have to worry about paying a £50 bag off right away; you can get instalments of as little as £3 a month to allow you to purchase with ease!

      Mario Valentino is a make that keeps on impressing us with their gorgeous designs, and it's so easy to see why customers almost instantly fall in love with their bags, from excellent quality materials to unique creations; the cross body bags released by the company are nothing short of spectacular. We absolutely love the Mario Valentino Crossbody bags and are sure you will too!


      Mario Valentino Backpacks

      At Linvelles, we have a few popular Mario Valentino backpacks that are popular. The first one is the Ramora Backpack.

      This simple-looking backpack has a classical tale to its looks. It consists of 3 total zips; the front, the top and even a small one on the back! Perfect size to fit a mobile phone.

      This clean looking backpack also has a little padlock branded with an ingrained 'VALENTINO'. At Linvelles, we offer the Ramora backpack in 3 different colour variations: Red, White and Orange, all bold and bright colours.

      The other favourable backpack is the Iconic Liuto Fluo backpack. This backpack is designed with a brown background for its colour and sprinkled with the 'VALENTINO' logo in a mocha brown. The main attraction of this backpack is the bold and up-front 'VALENTINO' logo. In which its colour correlates to the colour of all the accents, such as the zip and handle of the bag.

      At Linvelles, we offer 5 different colour variations, yes you heard it, 5!

      Starting with Lime green which really stands out, then we have the yellow, which pops out. The Pink gives off a girly look to the bag, and the blue stands firm with the contrast of the brown.

      Finally, we have the Orange, which is a fan favourite; No, surprise there! The contrast with the orange accents and the brown base colour is a lovely tic towards this beloved Mario Valentino Backpack.

      Known for their versatility, the fashion house Mario Valentino continue their stylish designs onto backpacks. Backpacks are an essential piece to a bag collection; they provide extra security for your essential goods and are easy to carry. What better way to express usability with a stylish brand to go with it.


      The Valentino by Mario Valentino backpack range is the undisputed lightweight king of the backpack and rucksack world, with an insane amount of space and an incredible design team churning these masterpieces out; when buying one of these backpacks, you just know you're about to look great and unique while stunting these backpacks.

      This range is one of the more diverse collections of Mario Valentino, each and every bag has its unique design, look and feel to it, but the one thing that is obvious when wearing these bags is that; you are holding a quality piece of design mastery.

      With colours being the most noticeable thing, these bags come in a huge variety of colours, whether you are looking for a bright orange or smooth white. The colour of some of the bags in this collection can instantly match the mood and look you are going for with your outfits.

      With sizes on average double, the shoulder bags and looks on par with Mario Valentino tote bags, Valentino by Mario backpacks are the best of both worlds and a great all-rounder whether you are carrying them as weekend bags or school bags, they have complete fit and form!

      We Love this range of bags at Linvelles and can guarantee you will too!



      The history of the Mario Valentino backpack is actually very vivid; this range was a part of the first few bag types created by the company; at the time, there was an uprising of popularity in the backpacking sector, slowly they were becoming less known for school children and more known for fashionistas as the one sling-style piece all over the world and what did Mario Valentino do? 

      In good old Mario Valentino fashion, they kept up with current trends and made unbelievably fashion-forward backpacks that would speak to the younger, more elitist audience who wanted one of these bags.

      As industry titans, Mario Valentino seems to never stop making trend-setting pieces that speak to a youthful audience, and this collection of Valentino by Mario Valentino backpacks is just that, a product type made for young people and worn by young people on all occasions. Mario Valentino Backpacks have always been a stunning bag type created by the brand, and we don't see why a customer would even give a second thought when purchasing these.

      And so, if it is a heritage that is in question, Mario Valentino has a lot of it and should stand as an extremely strong contender in the backpacks and rucksacks industry!



      Mario Valentino never fails to impress us with the opulent feel of the backpacks; using the best materials sourced from Italy, the company pulls all the stops to ensure they are selling the best of the best to the customer. 

      Polyurethane is a material widely used in the crafting of the Mario Valentino backpacks; this fabric mesh is industry standard for the high amount of durability and long-lasting nature of the material. In the Mario Valentino Backpack collection, you'll see this being used almost everywhere. It's hard to see why not; pairing fit with function and you have a tremendous all-around backpack, and what better brand to get that from than Mario Valentino?

      Another heavily used material is authentic synthetic leather; this material is on par with original leather, except it's actually better. Synthetic leather lasts years longer due to the compound nature of the material and can be dyed any colour to fit the style of the backpack, and so we are not surprised that Mario Valentino crafts their gorgeous and eloquent backpacks in such a material, it's perfect! 


      Design is a topic you cannot miss out on, and what an array of designs we have at Linvelles, from solid oranges to stitched blues, Mario Valentino seems to make it all in their backpacks range. 

      Typical Mario Valentino backpacks have a large rectangular body with either a full-length zip that goes around the top of the bag or a large flap that sits on top to protect the backpack.

      Apart from the typical designing, there are most incremental designs that Mario Valentino has included that makes the backpack that much more special; from the ORgane flap over with Silver metal labelling reading "VALENTINO" in the Orange Falcor Backpack to the woven design that showcases the polyurethane material in large strands woven under and over each other to create an almost basket like a designed backpack; the only difference is that this backpack manages to pull the look off beautifully!


      The great thing about Mario Valentino bags is that the design language never fails to be attractive; with elegant Italian styling and attention to even the most minute details, this company always creates, as the young people call it, "bangers".

      As you can expect, the backpack range by the brand is nothing out of the ordinary from the brand, absolutely design quality!

      The typical Mario Valentino backpack styling consists of a very large body. To allow customers to fit all of their carries along within, the body typically has a large overhanging flap to protect whatever is within or an all-over zip to give the back more of an open feel.

      Along with this is the top handle that is made from the same material as the body in a tubular form and to make sure it is grippy and large enough to hold onto. From there, what we typically see is the beautiful Valentino by Mario Valentino logo written in capital letters planted naturally wherever the eye leads to.

      The design of these bags is nothing but beautiful and elegant, and we can assure you, the quality, as we are about to discuss, is also something of wonders!

      Mario Valentino is always created gorgeous designs of their backpacks, and the sheer looks come in many different branches, from the woven structure to the stitched design; if you are looking for options, the Mario Valentino Backpack range is the one for you!

      Mario Valentino Backpack Sale

      At Linvelles, we continue our M Valentino bags sale with our backpacks. Here are a few of our favourites:

      The VALENTINO BY MARIO VALENTINO NAVY BLUE BURU BACKPACK is a new edition to our sale. Known for its quality of 100% vegan polyurethane that provides the perfect imitation of leather, its navy blue colour tone brings an original vibe. The magnetic fastening also provides that extra bit of ease when in a hurry, not to mention the whole flap design, which gives an old schooled fashion vibe. When saving 20% on this fashionable pice, how could you go wrong?

      Another favourable backpack from Mario Valentino is the VALENTINO BY MARIO VALENTINO DOXY WOVEN BACKPACK. Covered in mini woven patterns, the doxy woven backpack is an excellent choice for a fashion lover.

      It is complemented with golden-toned zips and a 'VALENTINO' logo on the front of the bag. Like Mario Valentino's other backpacks, it is made from polyurethane for extra quality, saving a total of 20% on this already cheap backpack. The backpack also comes in three variants: a leather-look brown, a stealthy black, and a snowy white tone.

      The VALENTINO BY MARIO VALENTINO RED STUDDED BACKPACK is a popular pick for many because of its golden-toned studded design across the backpack in a diamond pattern. It has a main fastening of metallic for easy use and a top handle which makes it easy to hold in hand.

      The 'VALENTINO' logo is outlined in gold, making for a great combo when mixed with the red colour. It has three internal pockets which can fit all your goods; it also has two red stings for extra fastening. When saving 20% on this backpack, it is impossible to miss out.

      The VALENTINO BY MARIO VALENTINO VALENTINO BY MARIO VALENTINO CASPER BACKPACK is definitely one of our most popular picks at Linvelles. There is a total of 5 colours to choose from; A snowy white, a mocha brown, a sunny yellow, a stealthy black and an original red.

      With loads of colours to choose from, this makes the backpack a choice for many tastes. It has four external pockets with gold-toned zip fastening for all of them, including the main fastening. All zips have 'VALENTINO' ingrained into them, and the logo is also stamped deep into the front of the backpack. It has a similar look to a tote bag from Mario Valentino, although it will forever be looked at as a great backpack. Save 21% when you choose Linvelles; at only £63, the backpack is truly a bargain.

      The Orange Falcor Backpack by Mario Valentino comes in a completely different style; it almost replicates one of Mario Valentino's recent shoulder bags. The backpack has a top handle that can be used for easy holding, and its minimalistic design really brings this back to life as a modern piece. It has a golden-toned metallic fastening with the 'VALENTINO' logo ingrained for extra luxury.


      Onto materials, these bags are typically made of the finest materials sourced directly from Italy. With durability and quality in mind, the brands try to make sure the customer can throw these bags anywhere and throw whatever on them and make sure they still come out without even a hint of wear or tear.

      The two rather popular materials consist of the following:

      Polyurethane, this material is one of the most widely used materials by Mario Valentino, not only because it is more affordable but also because the material lasts a whole lot longer than the natural fibres that can be found. When you carry one of the Mario Valentino pouch bags that are made from this material, you just know it will last you a lifetime without any damage, which is why this material is so suited for elegant yet rugged style backpacks and rucksacks that Valentino by Mario Valentino makes.

      Another commonly used material is authentic synthetic leather; this material is one of our favourites because of its close resemblance to leather itself without the beaten-up look. Backpacks made from this material are not only plusher but also can maintain that luscious look well into their 30th year. What's also great about synthetic leather is that you save a lot of money with this material, with on average, each bag being around 10x less expensive than the real thing.

      To pair with these bodied bags is either double metal chain straps or synthetic fibres for straps to allow for continuity and style on the bag itself; this combination of new and traditional is a perfect blend because of the hints of colour these add to the look of the bag.

      If it is about materials that matter when buying a backpack, you have nothing to worry about as these bags are made from the best fibres the company can find!

      Buy now, Pay Later

      If you are looking to buy a Mario Valentino backpack but don't want to drop too much money at once, we've got you covered with our buy now pay later options where you can pay with Klarna, Clearpay, Split it and Paypal Credit with instalment plans ranging from 2 all the way to 12 months! With the average costs of bags sitting at around £80, you can have payment plans starting from £6 a month!

      Mario Valentino Backpacks is one of the most opulent and beloved ranges at Linvelles, and we are sure considering the vast amount of designs to choose from, you'll be sure to find something that fits your style!


      If you are looking to get a Valentino by Mario Valentino Backpack or rucksack but don't want to break the bank to get it, why not buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit or Split It to allow for ease of mind when paying for the bag itself.

      With these payment methods, you can pay your stunning bag off in instalments ranging from 2 all the way to 12 months brings the cost down to £3 a month at the very least!


      Valentino by Mario Valentino shoulder bags, an elite collection with only great designs and blushingly extravagant colours that is on par with the tote bag ranges by Michael Kors or Tory Burch. This range has always struck customers as great for all occasions; whether you are going to use a Mario Valentino Shoulder bag in a collection of weekend bags or for work at an office, you are in good hands, not only because of the eloquent yet durable nature of the bags but also the large size that the bags are, you can fit almost anything and everything you carry in the bag and rest assured that the bag will not stretch or get worn out. 

      The shoulder bags collection has bags included that a woman can wear with blazers and suit jackets in professional environments as well as bags that a teenage girl can wear as a school bag, with both of these customers knowing that they are getting quality and perfection for the money they've invested into one of the Shoulder bags Valentino by Mario Valentino sells at Linvelles.

      From strength to strength, we could spend all day speaking factual accolades snout this range and have no doubt that these bags deliver and do justice to the brand that we all know, Mario Valentino, not to be mistaken with Valentino Garavani.


      Crafted in Italy, each and every shoulder bag is made from either the extremely durable Polyeurothane or gorgeously lush Organic Faux Leather; the bags are crafted with these materials specifically so you can carry them anywhere and not worry about spilling anything on them, staining, or accidentally ripping the bag because stay calm, carry on because your bag is made from materials, not even nature can beat! 

      We've covered the material the body of the bag is made with, but what about the strap? Oh, don't you worry! Mario Valentino has thought about that too; with a beautiful chain shoulder strap or leather body-coloured straps, the bags can weigh a ton but can still be lifted without ripping using the straps used. Our especially favourite is the chain strap because of the finishing touch, the cherry on top feel that these metal straps give. 

      Another unforgettable material we love is the woven bracelets that go around the bags along with thread stitching that only enhance the way the shoulders bags look.

      If it is material you are worried about, don't be; when buying from Valentino by Mario Valentino at Linvelles, quality is assured!


      Our favourite part of the bags, the great design of the bags, is unbeaten by any competitor, from chain strap across the bags to product details like stitching or zip compartments; Mario Valentino has pulled all the stops to make sure their shoulder bags are justly created with impressive looks! 

      The typical Mario Valentino Shoulder bag is a solid colour such as red, including a smaller logo and zip fastening; this combination is the perfect blend between simplicity and extravagance. This is not only because the designers were aiming to hit a vast audience, but also sometimes the least complex designs are the cleanest and most beautiful, you know what they say; less is more.

      On the one hand, you have simplicity, but on the other, you have bags like the Blue 'M' Quilt Shoulder Bag, which showcases a gorgeous quilted zig-zag effect that is not only eyecatching but also elegant; this bag is in a rectangular shape with two faux leather straps going across the top; this combination although a bit more complex; seems to also represent the company by showing off the designers eye and passion for perfection.

      So we've got materials and design down, and that's just scratching the surface of how great the Shoulder bags range by Mario Valentino is!

      Popular Picks

      You know what, usually we go into detail about each bag that we love from this collection, but there are so many with looks that we can't begin to explain, so here is just a simple list of our absolute favourites:

      Valentino by Mario Valentino Licia quilted shoulder bag black

      Valentino by Mario Valentino quilted shoulder bag in black

      Valentino by Mario Valentino quilted foldover shoulder bag in black

      Valentino by Mario Valentino black quilted foldover shoulder bag

      Valentino by Mario Valentino licia shoulder bag

      Are They Worth It?

      Is th\t even a question? If you are looking for a great, durable, stunning and elegant bag, Shoulder Bags by Mario Valentino is the place to shop from. The bags at Linvelles, which you can shop from, are beautiful enough to be carried anywhere and durable enough to be used to carry anything. With pricing not exceed much past £150 a the top end, these bags are worth their price tag tenfold. 

      If the question is about, are these bags worth it? The simple and most honest answers is a resounding YES.

      Buy now, pay later

      If you want a Shoulder bag by Mario Valentino but don't want to spend too much right away, you don't have to worry when shopping at Linvelles because we've got you covered! Simply buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit and even Split it, which collectively allow you to pay in instalments ranging from 2 months all the way to 12 months bring the prices right down. To a manageable number! 

      If you are looking to buy now, pay later Mario Valentino Shoulder bags simply add to cart and proceed to check out; at the payment section, you can choose the option you want and worry little about paying all at once!

      Valentino By Mario Valentino Tote Bag

      Mario Valentino is always surprising its fans with extraordinary Tote bags, crafted with style and quality. Tote bags are an essential piece of a woman's handbag collection, they are the heart of the collection and truly stand out.

      Tote bags are perfect for busy days running errands, crafted for easy access and serves as a carryall. Often looked at as a sturdy bag that degrades a whole outfit, however, its purpose and practicality overtake the bulky and sturdy look.

      If you're worried about style, Mario Valentino Tote bags for women are extremely fashionable and as a fashion house that's continuously changing its designs; you will definitely find a tote bag that compliments your style.

      Mario Valentino Tote Bag Sale

      At Linvelles, currently, all our Mario Valentino Tote bags are on sale and at very cheap prices.

      Starting off with the red alma tote bag, one of the only tote bags that uses a zip, fashioned with 2 internal components along with 2 internal components. A spacious and handy bag, just like a tote should be. With 20% off and at a cheap price of £73, it's a perfect choice for a cheap weekend bag.

      The Angelo Tote bag by Mario Valentino is an extremely popular pick in the collection, handcrafted with polyurethane; it achieves the perfect imitation of the finest leather. At only £73, the quality and classical look the Angelo tote brings is a no brainer when looking for a beautiful Valentino bag.

      The Buru tote portrays a more top handle like bag, short and strong. Choose from the sexy red or forgiving white, both work intensely well with the bag. Complimented with golden-toned plaque logo for added luxury. At a price of £73, saving 20% along with the buy now pay later payment methods we offer; there's no excuse.

      The Elfo Tote Bag is a brave attempt from Mario Valentino, yet a stylish one. The Elfo tote is a great example of Mario Valentino's flexibility when it comes to designs, they have managed to design this bag to make it look like utmost luxury. It's crafted with two-tone colours, our favourite is the Elfo tote in white, its colours consist of snow white and mocha brown.

      The Casper Tote bag is a new piece towards this collection, 'crafted with perfection' the critics say. The Casper tote from Mario Valentino is available it 5 colour variants, much to choose from, at the lowest price. The tote contains a total of 3 external pockets, one of which acts as a pouch bag; not to mention the cheap price of this Mario Valentino tote bag at £72.

      The Jedi Tote bag from Mario Valentino is known for its golden-toned chain strap, similar to the Griffo tote. However, its complimented with woven leather handles which provide added comfort. It's finished with a quilted-like 'VALENTINO' logo across the front of the bag, almost invisible which adds that little bit more luxury.


      Most of Mario Valentino's bags are constructed using Polyurethane, which imitates fine, quality leather. Polyurethane (PU), is easier to maintain and look after when compared to real leather; there are many benefits towards PU including us of 100% vegan material which is always a benefit especially when talking about the mass production of bags. Similar trends are seen with Valentino Garavani and their shoulder bags.

      Valentino By Mario Valentino Clutch Bag

      When designing the clutch bags, Mario Valentino doesn't take inspiration but rather sets the trend that all other companies try to emulate but fail to do. The range of clutch bags is our favourite, and the only competition we can see is the range of Mario Valentino Shoulder Bags and tote bags.


      When you search "Valentino bag," you are only expecting the best of luxury to come knocking at your doorstep, and that is precisely what you will find in our store, and to improve your shopping experience, we've lined up only the best! This is backed up by the materials the company uses to make sure its quality is top-notch. 

      Mario Valentino, famous for the detachable chain strap with a small bag body look, only makes their products with the best of materials; when buying one of these bags, the most common of the fabrics is Authentic Synthetic leather which is perfect for a night out or a day at work because of the way the bags handle and the durability that they demonstrate.

      You can chuck these clutch bags around or hold them everywhere without worrying about them ripping the way you may with other brands. What's more, is Mario Valentino have pulled all the stops with their flash clutch bags and the secure push-lock fastening mechanisms.

      The Divina Clutch bag is brilliant; with its elegant design and exquisite quality, the bag is bright for any occasion, and what we love most is how to lock fastening reveals multiple compartments perfect for stowing your belongings without a worry in the world!


      Mario Valentino Clutch Bags

      Our most popular Mario Valentino Clutch bag is the Liuto Fluo clutch bag. This completely versatile bag comes in 4 colour variations; Perfect Pink, Brave Blue, Tangy Orange or an Apple Green. The clutch bag has a base colour of dark brown while it is covered in mini 'VALENTINO' logos. The clutch bag is a must-have cute add on to your handbag collection, it comes with practicality as it's loaded with 2 internal pockets which are perfect for your essential goods.


      Mario Valentino Purses

      Are Mario Valentino Purses or wallets per se, are one of the most popular from the collection. Small, stylish yet simple, the most popular of Mario Valentino purses is the Winterdory collection; we have 3 variations at Linvelles. Two of them being navy blue zip around purses and one being an army green fold over the purse. 

      The Winterdory purses are covered in 3D 'VALENTINO' logos across the whole purse, this is similar to Mario Valentino's other designs at our collection at Linvelles and arguably one of the best. All the purses offer a perfect amount of space depending on your needs. 



      A bit about Mario Valentino

      Valentino Garavani is a name we're both acquainted with. Their classic Rockstud sneakers are a must-have for any fashionista (and are now on sale in a variety of colours!).


      Mario, a totally different artist, created it; Both labels have origins in Italy and date from the mid-twentieth century. But that's when the resemblances disappear.

      M Valentino also produces high-end watches, which can cost up to $1000 but are almost always on sale for under £500. And, although the label's name may seem to be deceiving, it is just half of the problem with this brand. The biggest concern is the use of knock-off prototypes. A Celine-looking bag with a prestigious name like Valentino for £350 may seem to be a fantastic deal, but in reality, it is just a gimmick with no real value.

      Mario was born with a love for leather and a natural ability to work with it. Valentino, the son of a shoemaker from Naples, learned the trade from his aunt, who specialized in creating custom footwear for high-end clients.

      He started reselling leather in Naples after graduating from high school. After serving in the Italian military, Mario decided to start his own footwear and leather goods business, which he named Valentino. Instead of copying his father's iconic shoes or the commonplace cardboard style of the day, Mario concentrated on making sleek and creative new looks for the most trendy ladies women of the day.

      Valentino Shoes and bags continue to represent the finest of high-quality craftsmanship sixty years since Mario brought his vision to life. Mario died in 1991, but his name lives on in each piece of leather that is painstakingly chosen, each stitch that is flawlessly done, and each style that continues to set the benchmark for quality and fashion.

      The Italian fashion house is now led by Vincenzo Valentino, who took over his father's business after Mario's death in 1991. Vincenzo is the grandson of a powerful emperor, and his company is now extending its operations to ; Tokyo, New York, Russia, and Eastern European countries while maintaining its traditional "made-in-Italy" style.

      Now the Fashion House is closely compared to Valentino Garavani, both originating from the same area and a slight difference in the time period.

      Mario Valentino Clearpay

      At Linvelles, we allow you to use Cleapray on all our Mario Valentino bags. To do this, enter your email address, card details and name etc.

      You will then be redirected to Cleapays website. To answer a few questions to assure that you are fit and able to pay in instalments. If you don't already have an account with Clearpay. If you choose Clearpay as a payment option, you will be charged 4 fortnightly payments.

      Mario Valentino Klarna

      Split the cost by paying with Klarna on all our Mario Valentino bags. To pay with Klarna, select Klarna as your payment method at checkout. You will be redirected to Karna's website to create an account if you don't already have one. Mario Valentino buy now pay later is very popular at Linvelles.

      M Valentino is a company that has been none across the globe for its premium handbags and accessories. With their designs being extravagant and eye-catching, this brand can never be downplayed!


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