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      Guess, an American brand known for its luxury and fashion-forward designers goods. In any industry swamped with Italian and French designers, this fashion house makes millions buying, giving customers the ability to look their best without paying huge European prices with the same looks. From Guess bags and Guess earrings to Guess watches and Guess clothing, you can create an entire outfit with the companies designer goods and look like the sexiest fashion elitist in town.

      For decades this brand has come out on top because of the fresh and trend-setting designs the company creates; designs that even the European competitors try to emulate to no success. 

      With a wide range of products and categories on sale, the luxury fashion house is sometimes regarded as fast fashion except for the part where all pieces have immense amounts of time dedicated to them with attention to detail going through the roof! Each and every Guess style piece has been overlooked by the top fashion designers in the industry and deemed fit to be sold to the mass market.

      Often regarded as THE American fashion brand, Guess is able to allow customers to express themselves and feel unique, and that's what we love most about the company!


      Founded in Los Angeles, California, in the year 1981; by brother Paul Marciano, Georges Marciano, Maurice Marciano and Armand Marciano, who wanted to give a taste of Hollywood to the rest of the world, the brand launched their Guess T-Shirt and Guess Jewellery range along with many other clothing types with hopes of the brand becoming an instant success and lone behold the brand shot up almost instantly with their products being worn all across Los Angeles by prominent celebrities and millionaires alike. 

      A little known fact is that the name Guess which is often parodied sprouts from when founder George was driving around Beverly Hill's and saw a Mcdonalds sign read the words "guess which eatery has the biggest cheeseburger", and he had a eureka moment of relief and rushed home shouting "I think I found our name. Guess!" and since then the company stuck to the name. This story must be by far one of the rather odd stories of a brands name, but we love how American it sounds!

      As time went by, they launched other collections like Guess handbags which consisted of Guess crossbody bag, shoulder bags and tote bags, which had an American/European feel to them, combining the luscious styling of the Italians with the sexy colours and flair of the Americans, selling in theory a branded version of the American Dream.

      Overall, this brand seems to come out year after year with newer collections and designs that can be paired and worn with anything to create looks that are incredibly stylish for whether you are on a fashion runway or walking down the streets of L.A, at Guess you are not just wearing any brand.

      With Guess, you are wearing a brand with vivid history and prestige going back decades, all that started with a funny moment driving past a McDonald's burger shop.

      Signature Designing

      Each and every product, whether it is a pair of Guess trainers for men or even a Guess top, has specific featured style cues that make it clear that you are wearing a piece made by the brand, this can be anything from the way the designing is to the logo itself and where it is placed.

      The Guess logo, for starters, is one of the most easily recognisable logos in the fashion industry, with the word "GUESS" written in capitals with Times New Roman font placed at the top centre just above the prideful letters. "U.S.A" written below. Below this lettering is a giants question mark with the dot in a triangular shape and the words "WASHED JEANS" written on the side to give the nod at their Guess jeans, one of the first products they released. This logo is surrounded by a streeking lipstick Red Triangle encapsulating the collection of elements together to form a logo that can be seen from a mile away.

      This signature logo is one of the designer marks of this fashion house; another one is the extensive used of golden metal to act as a cherry on top of the extensively beautiful products. Along with these two, we have lastly the keychain style loop that hangs off all Guess bags UK that consists of 4 identical and opposite G's that face the edges of a circular loop to act as an emblem for the brand.

      Guess is a brand that takes good care when creating and producing all of their products, and their signature designs speak loudly for the brand!

      Popular Categories

      Guess shoes -

      At Linvelles, shoes are one of our most popular ranges not only because of the brand's name but also because the shoes produced by the fashion house are not only excellent but can be worn for all occasions ranging from Fashion Catwalks to the Office for work. Whatever you are looking to do, shoes like Guess trainers, women and Guess boots are your best friend.

      Guess clothes -

      Clothing by the company is the selling point of this brands; with affordability yet top-class fashion designs in mind, customers can enjoy and experience a little taste of American luxury while looking their best wherever they go. From Guess coats to Guess hoodies, whatever you are wearing, you can feel confident sporting the brand's goods!

      Belts and Bags -

      Belts are the one thing that can stop your trousers from falling. Bags can hold whatever you want in a practical way, but what this brand does amazingly is combined that form and fit with looks and style, allowing a customer to look sexy while maintaining their look when wearing Guess belts or bags like guess backpacks, which is something not many brands can do easily.

      Buy now, pay later with Guess.

      At Linvelles, we often have Guess sales going on year-round. Still, if you want to buy a Guess style piece but don't want to spend too much money at once, you can Buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit and Split It, which allow you to split the cost up into instalments ranging from 2 months all the way to 12 months for ease of purchase.

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