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      The epitome of American luxury, a brand that has never gone out of style, Calvin Klein is one of the most youthful yet stylish brands to exist in the industry, with a spark of great old New York design and Los Angeles flair. This brand was created for the wealthiest and most famous people in the United States of America to get around while looking their best.

      With a colourful collection ready for you, shop on our website to find the latest looks and the nicest fashion pieces in the industry. Whether you are after a pair of Calvin Klein boxers or T-shirts by this fashion house, we've got you covered!

      For just over 70 years, this brand has reined over the industry as a refreshing, upbeat stylish curator sitting in an industry full of gothic designing, the one thing that differentiates Calvin Klein from everyone else is simply that Calvin Klein has a feeling of freedom to feel unique with the bright extravagant colours and world-renowned product types.

      As mentioned above, colours are one of the core ways this brand expresses themselves from bright pinks to deep blues. Calvin Klein challenges that status quo in the most meaningful way; not only giving their customers confidence when wearing a fashion piece made by them but also make sure that every customer whoever they are, is catered to almost perfectly!

      Whether you are after a bright lipstick red Calvin Klein Skirt to wear on a night out and turn heads effortlessly or a pair of Calvin Klein Shoes that are not only sporty but comfortable at the same time, we have it all at Linvelles and so continue to use our website to find the best of this wonderful brand!


      Calvin Klein is an American fashion house that stands out effortlessly in the industry and there is no wonder why their products are so in demand, thus if you are looking for a brand that will help you feel your best while looking your best, Calvin Klein is the one for you!


      Founded in 1968 in New York City with a budget of $10,000, the founder; Calvin Klein began his company selling Calvin Klein coats to a youthful market in the late 60s who were looking for something refreshing. After years of success, the brand grew to new heights and grew in popularity because of its chic design and aim at the younger audience, with low prices and great designs. Soon enough, the brand gained a distinct name in the industry and was compared to being on par with the European fashion brands and in many cases beating them out in fresh looks. 

      The first ranges the company sold were as mentioned their coats and Calvin Klein t shirt that had very different designs compared to other companies in the same era, gone was the contemporary design that was maintained by high-class Europeans, and it was the Calvin Klein designing that would stun customers with the bright whites, extensive designing to show off a ladies curves and Calvin Klein jeans for men that weren't baggy.

      Speedily the brand grew to global acclaim and today Calvin Klein has many prominent celebrities wearing their products. From Justin Beiber sporting their Calvin Klein underwear to Jay-Z wearing the always exceptionally designed Calvin Klein Coats. 

      With decades of experience in the industry and never going out of style looks, it's hard to see why you'd look any further and at the Linvelles website we will assume you are after luxury and prestige thus Calvin Klein is the best brand for you!

      Signature Designs

      Calvin Klein UK is one of the few brands that doesn't hesitate to do things differently than everyone else in the industry, that's why they say no two CK products are the same, the attention to detail and craftsmanship is not only amazing but simply vast in comparison to their competitors but there are a few things that can help you distinguish a Calvin Klein product from the batch.

      The logo, the sleek logo that they put in every corner from the elastic on your Calvin Klein bra to the side of your shoes, the big bright word "CALVIN KLEIN" written in Futura Light font in all capitals is instantly recognisable to anyone that knows anything about fashion!

      A fun fact about the logo is that the brand has recently switched its logo design in 2017, previously the logo was written like this "Calvin Klein" but after 2017, to make the brand shout louder the fashion house switched to making the logo shout "CALVIN KLEIN" in a more blocky font. This change is so recent in fact you will find most people sporting the old logo; but whether it is new or old, the quality and immense design are always the same!

      Another easily noticeable feature most Calvin Klein product has is Stripes, whether it is red and white, the company tends to do horizontal lines going across their products to act as a finishing cherry on top of the designer fashion pieces.

      To distinguish each and every product you can use the two aforementioned style cue above but the great thing about this brand is that regardless of signature looks, whether it's a pair of Calvin Klein sliders or Calvin Klein handbags, you can always tell it's made by them!

      Popular Categories

      Below are the two most popular and best-selling categories by Calvin Klein:

      Calvin Klein Bags

      Bags by CK are always gorgeous, with the logo being spread across the bags and great materials. If you are looking for a premium handbag, CK are the brand for you!


      Frankly, the most popular range by the brand, underwear by Calvin Klein is not only comfortable but can boost your confidence just by wearing a pair of boxers or bras.

      The distinct feature about all the product Calvin Klein makes is that you can never go wrong with anything they sell you, and at Linvelles we've chosen the absolute best of CK's popular categories for you to shop through!

      Buy now, pay later Calvin Klein

      At Linvelles we are always running Calvin Klein Sales year round but if you are looking to buy a fashion piece from this eloquent yet fashion-forward brand but don't want to spend too much money upfront, you can buy now, pay later with Klarna, Clearpay, Paypal Credit and Split It, allowing you to split the sum into instalments ranging from 2 months to 12 months. Allowing you to bring the cost down to the lowest £3 a month!

      Pair that with our 28 days return policy and great customer experience, we know you will find something just for you while having a satisfying experience at Linvelles!

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