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Is it Love Moschino or Moschino?

Love Moschino comes from the famous European Moschino fashion house label. It launched in 2008 as one of the subsidiary brands of the Moschino brand. The Love Moschino branding plays on a vibrant, chic line meant to cater to people who are not afraid to defy conventional dress codes. It comes with the characteristic boldness of the mother Moschino brand. At that time, Jeremy Scott, the head of Moschino, took the risk of launching Love Moschino.

He did not disappoint with this new subsidiary because the fashion world responded to the new brand. It took women's fashion to a whole new different level. Love Moschino upholds the chic and edgy designs that are known coming from any Moschino label. It did not deviate from the legacy of bold, fearless designs of the Moschino house founder, Franco Moschino. Over time, Love Moschino had acquired a following of its own in the fashion world that is distinct from its mother brand. To this day, it still enjoys popularity among fashion influencers, especially the young crowd. It has since expanded its reach with its shirts, bags, and accessories collection. Its appeal is on stylish designs that are wearable as everyday streetwear for both men and women alike.

What's the difference between Moschino and Love Moschino?

While both brands come from the same house label, the two are not the same. The two brands both speak of independent, bold designs that are characteristic of the mother brand Moschino. However, the similarity stops there. Both brands coming from the same house have different clientele targets. Love Moschino caters to people who are ready to wear unconventional dress designs that come in vibrant tones and prints. It serves as an affordable alternative compared to its mother Moschino brand.

Love Moschino women collection is an example characterized by bold prints and colors, designs similar to its mother brand but distinct such that it speaks of love. Its skinny trousers and logo t-shirts collection usually has prints that convey the love for self-expression and positivity. When you wear Love Moschino, you exhibit empathy and feeling, freedom of creative clothing. This branding made Love Moschino one of the trendsetters in the modern fashion industry. Its fan base includes young and hip fashion goers. It did not disappoint in its quality products that were much cheaper than its luxurious mother brand but equally stylish.



Is Love Moschino a luxury brand or a premium brand? 

Many people may confuse Love Moschino as a luxury brand coming from the Moschino fashion house. However, this is not the case. While Love Moschino is a premium brand coming from a line of distinct fearless designs of the Moschino luxury brand, the label intends to make it an affordable alternative versus its luxury Moschino mother brand. It is not to say it is a cheap brand. Far from it, Love Moschino is all about quality items from the mother Moschino brand. Overtime, Love Moschino has gained its following apart from its mother brand.

It established its foothold alongside brands like Isabel Marant and Christian Louboutin. Today, it is one of the most popular fashion brands in women's wear and accessories. One of the items making its round in shopping sites is its fun and trendy elegant bag collection. Its bags are popular for their practical and appealing designs. The bags are also affordable by mainstream women patrons of the Moschino brand. As such, Love Moschino conquered the fashion world on its own terms with its unique branding.


Love Moschino Bag materials

Love Moschino Bags come in different forms and styles. This bag collection comes at a lower price versus its mother brand Moschino bags. That is even though it comes in its chic designs. It is no surprise then that Love Moschino materials are widely known to come from synthetic bag materials cheaper than original leather. It is not made of authentic leather and is tagged as vegan-made bags. The Love Moschino Handbag for example, looks like real leather. But, it is made of synthetic material. It is just as long-lasting, and it made the bag easier to maintain and keep versus its authentic leather counterparts. Such is the appeal of Love Moschino bag collections.


Moschino is frequently with other popular brands like Michael Kors Bags and Mario Valentino Bags. Today, Love Moschino is a high street fashion affordable brand by the house of Moschino. Trendsetters from across the globe gravitate to the charm of the brand's collection. Items such as bags are seen as chic, trendy, funky, and colourful bags for everyday women's use.


Love Moschino Bag

Love Moschino popular picks at Linvelles
Here at Linvelles, we offer many different high street fashion brands from across different boutiques in Europe. Here are some of the popular Love Moschino bag collections that you can choose from our shop.

Repeat Logo collection (Backpack, Shoulder Bag, Crossbody bag)

This collection includes the Love Moschino Shoulder Bag, Love Moschino Crossbody bag and Love Moschino Backpack. All items are made of polyurethane material that comes with repeat logo prints of Love Moschino. These items were designed to be comfortable, stylish, convenient, and practical to use every day.

Square Studs collection (Shoulder Bag, Crossbody bag)

This Moschino bag fall/winter collection includes a crossbody and shoulder bag. These bags have square studs in their design. These are made of polyurethane material and are highly dependable bags for women in a rush.

Heart Collection (Backpack, Shoulder Bag, Crossbody bag)

This collection embodies intricate Love Moschino hearts chain in its design. Like other Love Moschino bags, these are made with synthetic leather material. It comes in practical sizes that will go well with your outfit of the day.

Quilted heart Collection (Backpack, Shoulder Bag, Crossbody bag, Clutch Bags) 

This Love Moschino Quilted Bag collection includes the spring/summer collection. The bags feature delicate heart designs on their front in unique patterns. It mimics classic monotone designs made to be stylish and elegant for women's everyday wear. It comes in different colours, mostly in black, and is made of quilted polyurethane.

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